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Title: Paint Scheme
Post by: ramwing7 on 06 November, 2017, 19:14:16
Just bought my first BSA B25 Starfire (1969) that I hope to refresh a bit.  It seems in pretty good shape, but I think it may have had a repaint at some time.   Now it has the nice orange color from that year, but it seems the side covers were once upon a time blue. 
The questions I have are about the gas tank:
*  Did they come from the factory orange with a "moss green" stripe down the middle of the top side?  How wide was this stripe?
*  It appears the strip might have been bounded on both sides by a narrow black stripe.  True?
*  Did the side covers have a thin pin stripe following the inner contours?
*  Did the tank have knee pads?

I've seen them with and without the above on the net.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, in advance.