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Title: Shooting Star
Post by: A10 JWO on 15 October, 2017, 15:05:15
About ten years ago I became aware of a nice shooting star in one of my neighbours garages. There are enough spares including a rebuilt engine and gearbox to build a second bike. He died a couple of years ago and his wife is now considering selling as a job lot. I may be the point of contact one day in the future when this lot is advertised. I have sold quite a few bikes on ebay and other sites, but this is quite a big parcel. What would be the best way to dispose of this lot. It is in Essex.
Title: Re: Shooting Star
Post by: DEREKANDERSON8 on 15 October, 2017, 15:25:49
I dont think you would struggle to sell it on if you put an ad on here, british bikes seem to be going mad at the moment!