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Title: A10 Exhausts
Post by: RESTORER on 20 August, 2017, 21:13:40
Having done a bit of grumbling in the past, I feel this one deserves a mention on the positive side. Three and a half years ago I had a Honda CRV on service paid monthly by direct debit.  When I sold the CRV I had 95 in credit with Honda Blackpool so I asked them to put it back into the account they took the DD from.  No chance "sorry, it says in the small print we don't give refunds, but as a goodwill gesture you can take the money in goods from the stores" is a shortened version of the written reply >:(.  I had a Ford by then so they had nothing I wanted until I remembered my A10 restoration needed exhausts, but not at that time.  Anyway I ordered the complete exhaust system via Honda from Armours and I paid the difference.  Last week, over three years later, I came to fit the exhausts and they would not fit.  Cox will never see me again, so I approached Armours with my problem.  Even after so long, they were happy for me to send in my exhausts for their inspection, following which they sent out some new exhausts (which I have fitted) and would not accept any payment even for the extra postage :) :).  There are two messages here: 1.  I always thought that Armours were up with the best in exhausts, but I now know that they also have excellent business ethics.  2."Honest John" told me never to take out a service plan so I thought I would pass this on. The pics, if they arrive, show my progress (the tank and seat temporarily placed on for effect).
Title: Re: A10 Exhausts
Post by: Jackson on 20 August, 2017, 23:56:35
Just  bought siamese plunger A10 exhausts from Armours. They didn't have chrome and have been having problems after a fire at their suppliers. To cut a long story short, their service was exemplary. They held a stainless set for me for months until it was evident that the chrome set weren't  going to appear. I ordered the stainless pipes and they supplied them at the cost of the chrome set. I'm hoping not to exhausts for a while, but when I do they will be my first port of call.