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Title: Inner glove recommendations?
Post by: Phil C on 22 November, 2021, 10:48:40
Good morning all,
Bit chilly out there this morning! I need to get some new gloves (velcro on mine seems to be losing its grip) and thought I might also get a pair of inners to help keep out the cold. Any recommendations please?
Title: Re: Inner glove recommendations?
Post by: DAVE BRADY on 22 November, 2021, 11:03:28
Hi Phil,

Gloves are probably the most difficult bit of kit to get right as all our hands are different.  I would suggest trying on as many different makes and styles that you can to find a pair that really fit snug and comfortable.  Water proof is a definite requirement.  If you are going to use  inner gloves then you should wear them when tying on the main gloves otherwise they may be tight with an inner glove.  Likewise gloves that are right with an inner glove may be a bit loose when worn without.  Wear your riding jacket when trying them on to see how the glove fits in relation to the sleeve.
I would suggest buying a waterproof winter glove with a 'Thinsulate' lining and get a pair of very thin silk gloves as well.  The silk gloves can add a bit of extra insulation without bulk and are very useful if your hands get a bit damp when re-fueling etc.
It can be a pain getting damp hands back in to a glove so the thin silk one help your hands to slide in.
If you can go for a 'Gortex' lined glove as I have found that this is still the most reliable waterproof and windproof material available.

Title: Re: Inner glove recommendations?
Post by: chaz on 22 November, 2021, 13:16:58
Ive recently used modern latex rubber ones, previously silk inners, even purchasing a pair of chamois pilots gloves and many other types of inners.
If you intend a lot of winter riding, Ive found Muffs (that fit on the bars you put hands in to) are bulky and if you need to take your hand out , some can be difficult. What I do tend to look at is mx style bar guards, plastic, easily fitted and the wind hits them rather than your glove.
if your battery and charging is good , heated grips.

Ive got a drawer full of gloves, inner and outer. tried and no longer used, that said also waterproofs and leather jackets Im starting to ebay as taking up space I now need to free up.