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Title: Oil leak cured?
Post by: Phil C on 20 October, 2021, 20:32:43
Evening all,

Long time no speak. Some of you might remember me trying to solve the riddle of the source of a slight oil leak which showed as vertical dribbles on the inboard wall of the primary chaincase (1965 B40F.) I'm wondering if I MIGHT have solved it by a very simple thing: a new fibre washer and a good dob of sealant on the chain oiler screw. The oiler element of the screw had already been closed off, but maybe the oil was getting along the screwthreads and out onto the inboard face of the casing? Why the dribble marks would be forward of the oiler and yet still vertical, I don't know. But after I put on another new fibre washer and (I think this is the important bit) a good dob of sealant, I went for a ride and on my return saw no dribbles. Early days, further checks needed, but fingers crossed. Any thoughts please about whether a leak at the chaincase oiler screw could result in dribble marks where they are(see photo)?

Title: Re: Oil leak cured?
Post by: Phil C on 29 November, 2021, 13:41:15
Maybe not. The dribble has returned (see photo - see the two dribble marks running down the inboard side of the primary chaincase?)  I'm considering just learning to live with this slight leak, as after quite a bit of effort I've failed to find the source of it. I could strip the chaincase again but don't know if I will.

Title: Re: Oil leak cured?
Post by: Editor on 29 November, 2021, 14:56:39
It looks very close to the mainshaft hole at the back which according to Rupert Ratio are prone to chaincase oil leaking out of. There is a thick felt washer that goes over this area and is stems it for a while apparently. Otherwise, as you say we just have to live with it until if and when it gets worse.
Title: Re: Oil leak cured?
Post by: AdrianS on 29 November, 2021, 19:15:13
I once bought a BSA without any oil leaks - turned out it had no oil in it so therefore no leaks !