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Title: Wiultshire branch camp
Post by: TTJOHN on 31 July, 2017, 21:23:04
Firstly thank you to the few Wiltshire members that worked their socks off to put on the camp. but the Wiltshire branch camp at the Bruce arms was, I'm sorry to say, a bit of a let down really and the Wiltshire members only noticable by thier absence, a few visitors were very pleased with the Calne bike show. And a few members were very happy with the alternative run that took place thanks to Bob and Clive. The only saving grace was on Saturday evening with Don Grundy and the two assistants providing a fantastic meal, many thanks for that Don, then after that the Yukie Dukes providing the entertainment for the rest of the evening in the pub.
In my opinion, the landlord is not doing a good job for the BSA owners club, overcharging for the camping area, also not cooking food in the pub and there is not enough facilities for the campers, ie, one toilet per sex for an overcrowded camp site. 
I know it's not easy to find the correct venue for these events but I did find one in the area during my jaunts out to get a meal and if the Wiltshire boys want to check it out, it's the Woodbridge Inn, aprox two miles from Pewsey, good beers, food was reasonable and good camping area behind, after speaking with the landlady, she seemed to welcome campers also.