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Title: Newbie from Southend area
Post by: A10 JWO on 31 July, 2017, 16:35:14
New to Forum. Just acquired a basket case 1972 oil in frame Thunderbolt, full restoration required. Will need lots of help from Forum members. Sent off for a V5 and fingers crossed. It arrived today in boxes and bags. Had to get the window cleaner to help me get the engine out of the van ( heavy ). Booked the frame in for powder coat and will start pricing up wheel rebuilds, tyres etc or good second hand. I have restored a 1954 A10 which went to a good home.
Had a quick look at engine, the pistons are original with 43,000 miles, the rings a slapping about on the piston. Will need someone local to rebore and supply pistons please. I attend the bike meet most Saturdays at the Shepherd and Dog, Brays Lane near Rochford, Essex. If anyone has any parts that are in good condition please let me know. I understand that most of the bits from the oil in frame Triumph fit. Have cash can travel a bit. Thanks for reading my first thread.