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Title: 1969 BSA Starfire Electrics
Post by: Boogaloo Dan on 24 July, 2017, 14:10:16
Hi, All,

I've only just joined the Forum, having recently bought a 1969 Starfire (the one I lusted after when I started riding, also in 1969. My bike then was a 1967 Starfire and I wanted one with a TLS front). My question concerns the electrics....

I'm rewiring the bike, adding indicators and rerouting the electrics through the ignition switch, so that the headlight switch only works when the ignition is ON. A new LUCAS replacement two-position switch has a current-carrying capability of 17.5A, and the alternator output of a new LUCAS replacement is 120W (so, 10A at 12V). I'm assuming an old alternator will not be more than 120W, but what about an old ignition switch? A new switch is not expensive so should I just replace it, to be on the safe side? Also, can anyone see any problems with my plans?
Title: Re: 1969 BSA Starfire Electrics
Post by: JulianS on 25 July, 2017, 09:14:34
You will not be putting the alternator output through the ignition switch just the ignition, headlight etc load.

The thinwall 1 mm cable commonly used to rewire is rated at 16.5 amps and the 2 mm at 25 amps.

Use fuse/fuses.

If you are concerned about the current you could wire the lights through a relay.