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Title: B31 Rigid rear stand - frame lug
Post by: chrisgoodwin on 10 July, 2017, 23:19:41
Hello all,
Another request for help. The strip down is complete, I bought a basket case 25 years ago and in 6 weeks I have converted my old beezer back into a basket case!
Yesterday I gave the rear half of the frame a decent licking of nitromors and a thorough power wash, tonight 90 mins with a wire brush in the 'lecky drill has it down to bare metal.
I never had a rear stand on the bike and I suspect the frame lug that retains the spring was ground off in some previous attempt to 'modernise' the bike.
As the rear loop is now down to bare metal now's the time to get any welding done.
So, what I am trying to work out is A/ what the lug looks like and B/ where is it located on the frame?
I'd really appreciate it if someone out there could provide a picture of the stand spring retaining lug in situ that gives enough detail of what and where needs welding

Anyone got a rear stand for a rigid B31 for sale?
Title: Re: B31 Rigid rear stand - frame lug
Post by: JulianS on 11 July, 2017, 09:21:03
The rigid B31 had a front stand, a centre stand and as option a prop stand but no rear stand.

The rear stand was fitted to M20/21/33 and pivoted just below the rear wheel spindle.

Photos from the 1949 brochure.