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Title: B40 Clutch release issue
Post by: TomK on 01 January, 2021, 19:43:06
Hi all,

Looking for some help with a stuck clutch release lever.

I had to replace the wire to the points assembly due to a snag in it so removed the outer timing cover to run the new wire through.

Cleaned up inside, ran the new wire through, new gasket goo, checked the ball bearing was sat right on the kicker pinion and replaced the cover.

Kicker moves correctly, points are all good but now I can't depress the clutch release lever.  It sits correctly at 1 o'clock and turns to midnight with no resistance and back again, but won't depress beyond midnight to engage/disengage the clutch.

This doesn't seem right to me so idea what I may have done wrong or will I need to take the timing case off again?

Can't find anything relating to this issue in the RR book or my Haynes.

Title: Re: B40 Clutch release issue
Post by: Mike40M on 02 January, 2021, 13:43:40
As I'm in the process of fitting the outer cover on my B40 and have my B44 standing next to it, I might be able to answer your question.
The most likely cause is that the 7/32 steel ball is not in place. It shall be in the recess in clutch operating rack. So that the ball will push on the clutch pushrod. I think that some grease will keep the ball in place during assembly.
I assume that the clutch release arm can be moved out to five o clock.
Title: Re: B40 Clutch release issue
Post by: TomK on 03 January, 2021, 09:18:24
Hi Mike,

I made sure to sit the ball bearing in the pinion with a bit of grease so don't think that's the issue,

The clutch release will only move from 1 o'clock to around midnight and no further.  There is no spring or return to it though, just free movement between 1 and midnight.

I've got some free time this afternoon so may just trip it down again.
Title: Re: B40 Clutch release issue
Post by: JulianS on 03 January, 2021, 10:07:23
Are the rack and pinion in the correct positions?
Title: Re: B40 Clutch release issue
Post by: Pauldemob on 06 January, 2021, 12:57:33
it the clutch lever pinion that's not set up correctly  . take casing off and align it again
the teeth will be stuck on casing or clutch operating rack