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Title: C15 Timing
Post by: Calvin on 02 July, 2017, 20:42:12
As a complete amateur to rebuilding British bikes could anyone please explain electronic timing on a c15 distributor model.
I ve learnt that you have to move the distributor to make it run.
However I ve have had flames shooting out the exhaust and on another occasion smoke being blown out of the back of the  carb towards the air filter.
I still cant get it to run so any help or advice would be gratefully received .
Title: Re: C15 Timing
Post by: JulianS on 03 July, 2017, 08:57:13
Best just to follow the makers instructions.

If it is Boyer then it is quite simple - set the engine 33 1/2 degrees before TDC on compression stroke then align the magnet on the rotor with the mark on the stator plate indicated by the instructions. Tighten the distributor clamp. Thats it.

It is easy to fine tune the timing with slight movements of the distributor with engine running.
Title: Re: C15 Timing
Post by: DEAN SOUTHALL on 03 July, 2017, 13:10:18
Not doen a C15 but if its anything like the system for the twins it should be pretty straightforward as Julian says.
Ming you I have to laugh at the need to be within 1/2 a degree!
Calvin, if you are still stuck, give me a shout and I'l pop over and have a look.
Title: Re: C15 Timing
Post by: Calvin on 04 July, 2017, 17:45:27
Thanks Dean.
I may just call on you if I don't sort it.