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Title: Number Plates
Post by: BOBLAN on 30 June, 2017, 15:29:51
I have just had my 1946 B31 re-registered by DVLA with an age related number, and I now have an authorisation certificate for getting some new plates made up. Can anyone tell me if the 'stick on' numbers and letters are still legal, or do I have to have the embossed 'silver on black' aluminium types?

Title: Re: Number Plates
Post by: STAR TWIN on 01 July, 2017, 13:50:10
I have always used stick-on numbers. Mine are cut from reflective tape and do show up brilliantly in headlights. As far as I understand, out old bikes run under grandfather rights. Only more modern vehicles require very specific types of number plate. You see veterans with painted numerics and they are certainly legal - there was no alternative when they were built.