Registration procedures during the Covid-19 outbreak

In order to protect their staff from the Covid-19 virus there is only a skeleton staff present at the DVLC in Swansea. As a result of this the DVLA are now accepting postal applications but with a reduced number of staff available the applications will take longer to process.

From the DVLA website:-

‘If you have sent in a paper application you do not need to contact us, but you will have to wait longer for a reply. There will be delays dealing with paper applications that are sent to our office in Swansea, and therefore need to be dealt with in person. This is because we have a reduced number of staff in our building to comply with social distancing requirements and to ensure staff safety. Thank you for your patience during this time’

We are continuing to issue registration reports as usual, however, they will change as follows:-

Age related vehicle reports and reconstructed classic applications:

We will continue to issue dating certificates and vehicle reports as usual. Therefore reports will be uniquely marked to identify them. We are not sure if the DVLA will continue to refuse reports if they are over 12 months old, but if they do, return them with a photo of the machine and they will be renewed free of charge. Any returned certificates not having the identifier will have to resubmit their application in the normal way. Any inspection undertaken by the DVLA is suspended for the foreseeable future as far as we are aware.

Retention of existing registrations:

These will be completed and the documents will be sent direct to the DVLA. The letter to the applicant will also contain the normal acceptance letter and report as before. The reply from the DVLA will take longer than before and any inspection undertaken by the DVLA is suspended for the foreseeable future as far as we are aware.

Suspension of physical machine inspection

This only applies to those machine which fall into the ‘reconstructed classic’ heading not the general age related dating certificate vehicle report registration process. The Club has a duty of care to our members and the wider population Therefore for the foreseeable future the Club has taken the decision to suspend physically inspecting the machines. The Club have contacted the DVLA to suggest that we continue with the inspection by using extra photographic evidence and they are considering that request. We are not expecting a quick reply.

Therefore even if you have a current dating certificate and vehicle report we will still need new photographs of the machine. They need to be high resolution, we will look at them and decide if we need to see a close up of a particular feature this process will be free of charge. New applicants will be charged £5 for members and £15 non members as often the applicant will be referred directly from the DVLA see advice note below.


In view of the situation it will be unlikely that you will receive a quick reply from the DVLA.

Steve Foden and Julian Snook

Librarian and Machine Registration Officers

08th July 2020