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Club History

In 1958 a group of BSA owners in Sheffield established the first BSA Owners Club; others soon followed in Nottingham, Birmingham and Surrey. By 1960 there were nine such individual clubs all operating different rules, subscription rates and objectives. A National Committee had been setup with limited powers and could do little more than keep the separate clubs in touch with each other.  In January 1961 in an effort towards unity, a magazine called ‘The Star’ was produced. After a slow start, its influence gained momentum and greatly helped the National Committee bring in a recognised system of co-ordination. After many meetings between committees and members an EGM was held in October 1962 and massive support was given to the idea of a ‘National BSA Owners Club’. This came into effect on January 1st 1963, along with a National Constitution, National Rules and Standardised Fees. Since taking that step The National BSA Owners' Club has become one of the biggest one marque motorcycle clubs in the world. The BSAOC now boasts 27 active branches in the United Kingdom, with affiliated groups in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, and United States of America.  In 1970 and due to the growing number of overseas members the word 'National' was dropped from the Club's title. Each branch now has its own rules built within the framework of the National regulations. Club Membership automatically carries an open invitation to any Branch Club night. Club members are also invited to the AGM in April and the Members' meetings, in March and November to decide on the Club events calendar and to have their say in the running of the Club.   

The Star Magazine is a major catalyst for all BSAOC affairs and is sent monthly to every member; it covers a wide variety of subjects: general articles, hints and tips, branch reports, ‘For sale’ and ‘Wanted’ columns, a list of technical consultants, forthcoming BSA Owners' Club events and trade adverts. The Club has always had an active programme of outdoor events with the highlight being the International Rally which is held in a different country every year and is a venue where members from around the world can meet together. Other important events in the calendar are the Annual Rally/Open Day and the dinner dance where the Club Awards are presented.  However, most importantly the club now consists of enthusiasts from all over the world who mutually indulge, benefit and enjoy the clubs franchise. This franchise allows all members to participate in club life throughout the International stage on equal terms to discuss matters of common interest. And, most importantly, since the closure of the BSA factory, the club now exists primarily to preserve the motorcycles we all love, which bears the great name of BSA.

Updated 7/11/14