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The BSAOC provides this page only as a service to members. The inclusion of these links does not mean the BSAOC endorses or accepts liability for services and products proffered.

Books, Prints and Memorabilia

BSA Parts Manuals and Instruction Books stocks nearly 300 BSA publications, books by BSA for all models of BSA Motorcycles and bikes.

Bygone Era
A company that sells motorcycle memorabilia and classic motorcycle accessories.

Classic Motorcycle Memorabilia
A site where you can buy motorcycle memorabilia and magazines.

Classic Motorcycle Prints
The home of quality prints and images specialising in British Classic Motorcycles.

Gasoline Gypsy - A Ride In The Sun
. . . is a tale about an incredible trio: Oppy, the indomitable motorcycle, its 125-pound frame swaying under three times its weight; Matelot, the automotive Airedale, perched on his box, ears flying in the breeze; and the gasoline gypsy, Peggy Iris Thomas, who bumped her way over 14,000 miles of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

There is a touch of the vagabond in all of us. But few have the determination and courage that started Peggy off from Liverpool in the spring of 1951 with 60 dollars in her pocket and the gleam of adventure in her eye. Her new BSA Bantam motorcycle, Oppy, was loaded to straining point with clothes, food, and complete camping equipment. Matelot, both companion and guardian, stood wagging his tail by her side.

Before they turned homeward once more Peggy and Matelot were to pitch their tent in such places as a vacant lot in downtown Los Angeles, a Mexican village bar room, a mosquito-infected Louisiana swamp, and on the heights of New Jersey’s Palisades.

In A Ride In The Sun - Gasoline Gypsy, Peggy tells the lighthearted story of her adventures whilst motorcycling through the forests of Nova Scotia and over the Canadian Rockies, stopping long enough along the way to recoup her finances by holding down two office jobs at once in an eighteen-hour working day in New Brunswick, and working as an apple picker and factory labourer in British Columbia. Then off down the beautiful Pacific coast, south east to Mexico and up the eastern seaboard to New York City. Undaunted by sandstorms, earthquakes, tropical gales and incredible desert heat, thrilled by the invigorating life out doors and cheered along by her many new-found friends, she has woven her unique journey into an engaging account of life on the open road.

A great site with original paintings of British classics, some paintings for sale. Check out the Goldie and A65

Made in Birmingham
A site where you can find info on manufacturers based in Birmingham. Can I  ask you to remember the 19th November, the 65th anniversary of the devastatting air raid on the BSA in 1940 which everyone forgets every year

Overland to Egypt
“To Egypt... on a Bantam! Are you joking?” This was the response to author Gordon May’s idea to ride one of BSA’s diminutive 2-stroke motorcycles, a modified 1952 D1 called Peggy, to the land of the Pharaohs. Not to be discouraged, he nevertheless set off on his quest.

The first attempt at the ride, which took them across the Swiss Alps, ended prematurely in north eastern Italy due to an engine failure. However, Gordon recovered his spirits, set about rebuilding the engine and six months later, having learned from his mistakes, set off once more.

This time, crossing through Tunisia and Libya, the ride was a success and after many challenges, Gordon and Peggy jubilantly made it to The Pyramids in Cairo. The return trip, via Jordan and Syria, was also not without its tests, but he was able to safely return the Bantam to the UK.As well as illustrating the depth of human kindness and hospitality often shown to visitors in the countries en route, including Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, Overland To Egypt also gives a rare insight into this region just months before the tumultuous changes which occurred as a result of the Arab Spring and the 2011 war in Libya.

The Lordprice Collection - vintage motorcycle pictures
'The Lordprice Collection is an outstanding archive of images sourced from printed material: magazines, posters, books, advertisements, photographs, printed ephemera etc. from all periods and all around the world.

The Magazine Man
We sell motorcycle magazines by mail order to all over the world. We sell latest issues, subscriptions and back issues and sell many magazines that are not available in many shops.

This site is mainly a pretty extensive collection of photos, pictures and sounds of a wide variety of classic and vintage motorcycles but I am hoping to add more features as time permits.

Buying and Selling
Advertise your bike here.
At we aim to provide the best website in the UK for both motorcycle enthusiasts and motorcycle dealers to buy and sell their bikes quickly and hassle free. We specialise in advertising motorcycles for sale only and do not allow non-bike ads such as scooters, quad bikes, or cars to be posted on our website. By keeping focused on purely motorbikes we can provide a high quality and efficient service at a better price than our competitors.
We are an established motorbike classifieds site,, who advertise vehicles for the trade and public, catering for all groups and needs.

New site selling bike and bike related things, just opened and still loading it up every day with new stuff ..... have some great BSA patch's coming up.
We're a site that specialises in the free advertising of used motorbikes in the UK, private and trade, old and new - as well as a listing of dealers, forum etc

We provide an online auction venue for cars, bikes and parts for same, and listing is 100% free. We invite you to list your BSA bikes and parts for auction.

a vast searchable online database of information on dealer locations.


Being riders ourselves, our goal is to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with quality motorcycle accessories
as well as the tools that allow bikers to find information focused on motorcycles and bike clubs in their area.

Classic Motorbike Jackets
Jackets for sale

Foxcreek Leather
Fox Creek Leather - American-made leather motorcycle jackets, vests and chaps with a lifetime guarantee.

JRC Gloves
JRC Glove Distributing Co. All types of gloves.

Motor Cycle Hut
We are an up and coming motorcycle equipment retailer based in the North
East of England, and we are trying to immerse ourselves into the heart of
the motorcyclist community by partnering with well-established and
respected clubs. 20% introductory discount valid until 31st March. Just enter the code 20BSA at the checkout.

Scotti Knights Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories
Online Stockists of Motorcycle Clothing, Jackets, Boots, Gloves and Accessories. Also Fully Qualified CBT and Direct Access Rider Training


BSA Owners' Club Belgium
The BSA Owners' Club Belgium are the organiser's of the John Bull Rally each May, the place to be for all classic British bike riders

Dansk BSA Klub
The BSA Owners' Club Denmark is dedicated to the use of BSA motorcycles.

BSA Owners' Club Germany
The BSA Owners' Club Germany are a very active club with a regular magazine

BSA Owners' Club Netherlands
The BSAOC of the Netherlands are regular riders and visitors to International rallies. They organise regular runs and rallies but not hillclimb events.

The BSA Owners' Club of New England.

BSA Club of NSW
The BSA Owners' Club New South Wales Australia was formed in 1978 and has approx 60 members. Some great factory catalogues on line, check if yours is there.

The BSA Owners' Club of North California. Visit their page and win a 1971 BSA Spitfire Scrambler for a Dollar.

The Ohio Valley BSAOC
A site for the Ohio Valley BSAOC. Compiled by Daniel Boss.

BSAOC Queensland
A new branch in Queensland Australia. You can see details of the first Australian National rally here plus links to other clubs.

The BSA Owners' Club of South California

BSA Owners of Sweden
The BSA Owners' Club Sweden is the second largest of the BSA clubs with a very active membership.

BSA MC Owners Victoria
BSA MC Owners' Assoc. Victoria Australia where you can see International Rally 2001 pictures.

British Motorcycle Club of Central New York
We are a one year old club in the Syracuse, New York area with over 30 members. We are growing and trying to find ways to reach other Brit bike owners.

Mosten MC British Bike Meet
Drag Racing and Moto Cross at this British Bike meeting in Denmark.

National Sprint Association
We have a good representation of BSA's in the National Sprint Association, indeed the Southern Chairman's latest project is a Goldie. Visit us here. You may like to try it yourself.

South West Classic Trials Association Web Site


Information Sites

Police forces nationwide are running the BikeSafe campaign helping to reduce motorcycle road casualties by teaching motorcyclists advanced and defensive riding techniques. Find out what's going on in your area.

Compiled by a Motorcycle engineering student, this is a list of most bikes where you can search for yours.

List of bike related organisations.

Birmingham ASSIST
A page for you to find out more about the City where your favourite bike was built.

British Motorcycle Federation. Working for us, is their slogan.

Morgan Johansson is an active member of the Swedish BSAOC as well as stocking some BSA parts. His site has an excellent bulletin board where you can join a a forum to discuss all things BSA plus a For Sale and Wanted board for all things BSA.

Brit Iron Digest
Brit Iron Digest is a forum of discussion on all matters regarding British bikes. All about buying and selling, and riding and restoring classic motorcycles. Plenty of good Beesa material on our site! Run by Frank Westworth former editor of the Classic Bike Guide.

BSA Links page
Looking for links specifically for BSA sites and for owners sites for their own  different models? Then this is the place to look

BSA Regal Group
Check out what is happening at the BSA Regal factory and what new models we can expect.

BSA Trust
The BSA Trust is a voluntary body dedicated to preserving the glorious heritage of the Birmingham Small Arms Company of Small Heath. Our most urgent challenge is to conserve the surviving BSA buildings in Armoury Road, Birmingham B11.The surviving 'Old BSA Building' has the potential to be restored to its former glory. But urgent action is needed to save it. We are therefore strongly supporting the application recently made to English Heritage to protect this historic factory by having it listed.
Rent your cycle from here. Many cycle and motorcycle links here.

Find out about registering your bike here. It also contains some forms to register your bike saving a trip to the Post Office to pick one up.

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs
Meeting the demands of today's enthusiasts who need to reconcile their use of old vehicles with the pressure of modern living.
Welcome to the Motorbike UK Web Directory where you can buy DVDs', videos', books and a wide range of motorcycle gifts and accessories, keep up to date with the latest motorcycle news, view the latest range of motorbikes, access a wide variety of motorcycle websites' and much much more. We specialise in World Superbike, British Superbike and MotoGP news and results.

Motorcycle UK
A site promoting motorcycling in the UK. Find most of the other bike clubs in the UK here.
Finding out about your old bike. Whether it is still surviving

National Association for Bikers with a Disability
If you have ever marvelled, as I have, of the way people with various disabilities are able to ride a bike the way they do, then you might find the reason here. The association helps riders convert their bikes and also aids with issues relating to problems with the DVLA and the DSS. Well worth a visit. They are a registered charity so a donation would help too

RealClassic Web Site
All about buying & selling, running & riding real classic motorcycles - And having fun with them, of course!


We specialise in enthusiasts bike, trike and unusual vehicle insurance for standard or modified  bikes and trikes. We will offer members of a club up to 15% off for club membership.

Model Related Sites

Bantam Owners' Club
This site is provided by the BSA Bantam Club and, apart from a members area, is open to all. If you have a Bantam or simply have an interest in that classic marque please feel free to browse the site and use the Forum.

Bantam Info
Tony's Bantam page. Recently updated with some great pics and info.

BSA Bantam Discussion Group
As it says a Bantam discussion group. I own several Bantams and sometimes feel a need to discuss them with somebody else.

Bantam Site
This is a members site about the Bantam.

The ethos of this website is simple and replicates the owner's restoration principles of his 19 strong collection.
Preserve the bikes in as near original WD trim as is possible.
Save this model from being “broken up” to meet the needs of Pre 65 trials.
Keep them in regular use.
Maintain a spares stock to keep these vehicles on the roads for years to come.
Foster an appreciation of this model with fellow enthusiasts.
Share information, experience and technical data.
Have fun and enjoy riding them.

The BSA Front Wheel Drive Club
BSA also made a great number of cars as well as bikes. Not only the familiar three wheelers but four wheelers. Some with rear wheel drive and fluid flywheel transmissions. Check out the club for these cars.

BSA GP Victor page
A page for those interested in BSA GP Victors.

Golden Flash page.
A page dedicated to the A10 Golden Flash.

Russell Motors
A long time established company specialising in AJS, Matchless and the hard working BSA M20 M21 range. Their AJS & Matchless and BSA WD M20 & M21 catalogues can be viewed online
Devoted to the Yamaha SRX400 motorcycle. A small website devoted to supplying hard to find information about this much loved bike.

Sunbeam Owners' Fellowship 
A club dedicated to the Sunbeam S7 and S8 which were designed and manufactured by BSA

Triples online
A page for those who like Rocket Threes and those other triples made by BSA.

Personal Sites

A site run for bikers by bikers with special offers and prizes for visitors.

Theo's BSA page
Theo, a Belgian shows us his bikes. Read about how he travelled around the world on a B31.


Aqua Blast Center
Quality aqua blasting & paint stripping. The place to go for all your alloy cleaning (incl. magnesium & titanium). Engine parts to casings, fork bottoms to yokes. Cleaning parts for restoration? There is no better way. Based near Doncaster with a nationwide service.

Bri-Tie Motorcycles are able to supply correct paints and finishes for most BSA motorcycles as well as having many parts in stock.

DIY Plating
UK based metal plating kits available to purchase online.

Jeca Motorcycle Restoration
If you have a motorcycle that is complete or in boxes under the bench in the garage and you would like someone to take the project on, then you have now found the place that will carry out that work to your complete satisfaction with the quality of workmanship that is second to none.

MDR Services
MDR Services are a small family company situated in central Warwickshire. We offer a professional Aqua Blasting and Polishing service to restoration companies and the amateur enthusiast. 10% discount to members.

NSMB Restorations
My name is Neil Hopewell, and I now run NSMB British Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Restorers. I have been working with and on M/C's for about 30 years as a hobby, I turned this into a business in September 2006.

Precision Paintwork
A company which specialises in painting motorcycles to prize winning standards.

Restoration Supplies
There has always been a passion for motorcycles within my family and needless to say the bug soon took hold!  With help from my family I started to restore classic motorcycles ranging from BSA's to Norton's. After many years of restoring motorcycles it became apparent to me that some aftermarket spares are not as good a quality as the originals. This prompted me to start Restoration Supplies where we can transform your original parts to look new again. Listed below are some of the services we have to offer:-
Vapour/Aqua Blasting - for cleaning aluminium engine casings, cylinder heads etc...
Bead Blasting - for cleaning panels ready to be painted etc...
Ultrasonic Cleaning - cleaning of carburettors, pumps etc...
Polishing - to bring alloy casings to a mirror finish etc...

Robin James Engineering
Robin James Engineering Services, is a leader in the field of classic motorcycle restoration.  We have been established for 25 years, and are located in Herefordshire (England).  There is more about us on our website.

RS Bike Paint Ltd
RS Bike Paint Ltd is a leading supplier of motorcycle paint to both the amateur and professional markets. We've been in business for some 33 years and have over 27,000 paint records and formulations dating from 1902 to the present day.
We know that the majority of motorcycles are not coded, so our database does not rely on you providing a paint code. All you need to do is tell us the year, model and manufacturer of your motorbike. Our extensive motorcycle paint database contains over 25,000 colours listed for some 120 motorbike, classic motorbike and scooter manufacturers.

Famous for its timing side roller bearing conversion but that's not all they do. Check out their page for more details. It includes all their products and some interesting information. Plus a downloadable catalogue.

RJM Classic Motorcycles
Specialist restoration of complete bikes


We have a wide range of locks, padlocks and chains suitable for biking
applications. We have been in the security industry for over 25 years and have a wealth of knowledge on security matters. We are willing to offer members a 5% discount. Check us out on line, ring us on 01646 698218 or email

Servicing etc

Moving Motorcycles
Moving Motorcycles specialise in motorcycle transportation and delivery in South East England. 

BBS Motorcycles
At BBS we specialise in Motorcycle Servicing, Repairs and MOT. From SuperBike to Scooter we offer a Premium Competitive Service. Based in the South East, UK.

Famous for its timing side roller bearing conversion but that's not all they do. Check out their page for more details. It includes all their products and some interesting information. Plus a downloadable catalogue.


Abbots Tools
Abbots Tools only sell King Dick tools which have a world wide reputation for quality and performance and are chosen by today's discerning professionals, knowing that their rigorous demands for reliability will be achieved. Spend more than £50 with them and they will give you a 5m heavy duty retractable steel tape worth £3.89. Simply enter the code "BSAOC" at checkout.

Biker's Toolbox
Biker's Toolbox is run by motorcycle enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the motorcycle trade and engineering spanning decades. The hand tools we are selling are high quality professional tools that will last a lifetime and many are guaranteed as such, from tool manufacturers such as Signet. Discounts to club members available on request.

BSA Unit Singles LLC
BSA Unit Singles LLC is a parts supplier in the USA that focuses exclusively on the C15, B40, C25, B25,T25, B44 and B50 models. They have over 1500 BSA part numbers of active inventory on hand relating strictly to the unit single line from 1959 to 1973 and hundreds of other accessory items (non BSA part numbers) that are commonly used with these models. Along with a an extensive parts inventory, the website also has an extensive archive section with every unit single parts manual and service manual available for free download along with official BSA promotional literature and other interesting items.

Burton Bike Bits
Burton Bike Bits is a specialist supplier of parts for Post War BSA, Triumph, Royal Enfield and Norton motorcycles. They also have various spares for Velocette, AJS Matchless and Vincent. They also own the ex factory Royal Enfield stocks.

C and D Autos
One of the vendors of BSA parts who have supported the BSAOC for many years. They supply mostly new but some original old stock to keep your BSA on the road. Thousands of parts available ex stock with fast mail order. Check out their page for more details. It includes all their products and some interesting information.

Classic British Motorcycle Spares and Accessories

We believe that we are one of the largest stockists for classic British motorcycle spares and accessories. We have an unbelievable 15,000 spare parts available for BSA, Triumph (up to 1985), Norton, AJS and Matchless. We have part and workshop manuals and accessories that make ideal presents such as mugs, T-shirts, tools.

CMF Engineering
We manufacture many BSA parts.

Draganfly Motorcycles
BSA CATALOGUE (B3) covers all pre-unit BSA models from 1939-63. Price is £5.00 post paid to any address on the planet. Like the Ariel catalogue it contains hints and tips (some bizarre) as well as details of thousands of parts with carefully researched application details. It is an amazing 160 pages long.

Dynamo Regulators Ltd
DRL supplies high performance electronic dynamo regulators to control the output of the dynamo. Result is better lighting and reduced maintenance. Our DVR2 regulator is well established, providing excellent performance with superior reliability. In addition we supply a strong non-slip timing belt dynamo drive kit for A7 & A10's. This speeds up the dynamo by 20% for better low speed output, a significant advantage especially with 12V operation.

Hawker Electrical
Hawker Electrical is a company near Bristol specialising in British Motorcycle electrical spares and reconditioning.

Hawkshaw Motorcycles
We are motorcycle dealers based in Liverpool, England and we have large stocks of spares for British bikes - both new and used. We also have workshop manuals and parts books.

Iron Horse Spares
Suppliers of Napoleon bar end mirrors. These are high quality mirrors with a rubber mounting to insulate them from vibration

Jonniejumble is a recently established website offering autojumble and news of events around the UK.

Lightning Spares
have been supplying BSA parts for over 30 years and have supported the BSAOC during that time. With over 20,000 parts in stock they aim for a quick turn around in mail order. They have in stock workshop manuals and handbooks etc for all post war models. They also specialise in stainless steel nuts and bolts plus special items such as wheel spindles and A B model gearbox adjusters, all in stainless. Email them at Lightning Spares

Map cycle
All of us here at MapCycle love to ride and we're very proud of the fact that we are a company that rides. We are a group of individuals that also care about the needs of our fellow riders and the riding community. Once you've experienced the MapCycle difference you won't want to shop anywhere else.

MBE Fasteners
Try These people for a comprehensive list of BSF, BSW , etc. bolts & nuts

Motorbike Search Engine Limited
The website for classic and vintage motorcycles and scooters, including the best of British, European, Japanese and Worldwide classic bikes. Our database contains over 6300 classic bikes (as at January 2009) and 750 dedicated classic bike pages. Our classic motorcycle pages range from the late 1800s to 1980s Superbikes.

Motor Cycle Hut
We are an up and coming motorcycle equipment retailer based in the North East of England, and we are trying to immerse ourselves into the heart of the motorcyclist community by partnering with well-established and respected clubs. 20% introductory discount valid until 31st March. Just enter the code 20BSA at the checkout.

Spitfire Direct
For everything BSA. We carry a huge range of spares.

Famous for its timing side roller bearing conversion but that's not all they do. Check out their page for more details. It includes all their products and some interesting information. Plus a downloadable catalogue

Stainless Steel Automotive Fastenings
A website that is dedicated to the automobile restorer, motorcycle builder, kit car builder and model making enthusiast. The purpose of the site is to supply Stainless Steel Fasteners used in such projects. The site is probably the most comprehensive currently on the web in regards of types and ranges of fasteners available. Thread forms stocked are BA, BSCycle, BSF, BSW, Metric coarse, Metric fine, Metric extra fine, UNC and UNF.

The Old Bike Mart
The most comprehensive advertising newspaper for classic bike parts.

Tracy Tools Ltd
Tracy Tools Ltd is a family owned business, established 50 years ago, based in Torquay, South Devon, UK.
We carry extensive stocks of Cutting Tools - specialising in Taps & Dies, these cover BSC, BSF, BSW, UNF, UNC, BA, Metric etc, with a full range of Left Hand, Special Thread and Insert Taps. We also stock a full range of Drills, Reamers, Endmills, Chasers, Saws, Milling Cutters, Carbide Tools etc

Trade Classic Bikes
Classic British Motorcycle enthusiast, Richard, supplies spares for all makes and models of motorcycle.
Mainly dealt on a mail order basis, collections can be arranged with prior notice & are strictly by appointment only. The BSAOC South Derbyshire Branch meet every Wednesday in Aston on Trent, Derby so with prior notice collections can also be made there.
Club discount scheme is available for members of the BSAOC, the Bantam Club & the Triumph Owners Club & are available through the shopping pages on this site.


Campsites 4 Bikers
Biker friendly campsites that are not only motorcycle friendly, but actually want you to stay with them: Campsites in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and the rest of Europe.
I would give a 10 percent discount to any member .. it's got to be worth that to me just to have people who appreciate BSA's and know how to ride these machines!

Full Throttle Saloon
Hey Guys, We own the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, SD. We're going all out in our advertising for Sturgis this year and would love you to take a look at our great site!

Les Ballastières
Welcoming bike and car enthusiasts Les Ballastières is a 200-year old farmhouse, situated in the Nord Pas de Calais in the small village of Gauchin Verloingt, just outside St. Pol-sur-Ternoise. The English owners, Paul Thomas and Sue Fairbairn, have converted the old farmhands' quarters and stables to offer comfortable rooms and a studio in a peaceful setting but within 5 minutes of the race track at Croix-en-Ternois.

Motor Cycle Tours and Rental Worldwide from
We got our start in Alaska as Alaska Rider Tours. MotoQuest was launched because we think it would be rude not to travel the world on a motorcycle. We have been organizing adventure motorcycle tours for 11 years now. We go to the ends of the earth. We experience exotic cultures and remote regions. Education and adventure are interwoven into every motorcycle tour.

Silver Dragons
Welsh TT circuit.  The entire circuit & churches, chapels, school, taverns too, all still exist and now can by arrangement be visited and it is THE LARGEST ON BRITAIN MAINLAND. We have arranged to put the entire Archive online.

Wheel Building and Repair

Central Wheel Co
We are manufacturers of Spokes & Nipples and offer a full wheelbuilding service.  We are the appointed Wheelbuilders for Triumph and The National Motorcycle Museum. We are also the manufacturer of the Valante valanced alloy rim (please see our site for more details). 

ASF Tyres
ASF Tyres have an extensive range of car and motorcycle tyres, based in the South East, UK.

Famous for its timing side roller bearing conversion but that's not all they do. Check out their page for more details. It includes all their products and some interesting information. Plus a downloadable catalogue