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Scottish Motorcycle Show 11 12 March

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Decent show this year Derek - and the weather in Edinburgh was brilliant.  Somebody asked me for directions to Glasgow - I said take the M8 westbound and then take the first slip road after it starts raining - LOL
Nothing really that new or different though - but all the stalls and displays were reasonable quality.  Definately more Alpinestar type gear than cheap market gear (which is an improvement on previous years where market type stalls were taking over).
Plenty of classics on show though - strangely not too many BSAs.  I was particularly drawn to a couple of Norton Inters (fancy that might be my next project) and a load of various race bikes.
Only bought a pair of gloves and a coffee - so my wallet came home in tact this year (it's easy to go mad if you're not careful).
For the 4th or 5th year running I missed the start up area (where they drag out classic and fire them up - race bikes too)!  It's always advertised and I've never ever seen it.  I asked loads of people and no-one even knew where it was!
Anyhoo - had a good day out with my old Dad (who was slowing down a bit by about lunchtime) - so made a retreat to watch the rugby (wish I'd stayed and missed the rugby actually - but that's not for this thread!).
Cheers Raymond.

That sounded ok then, I will make a bigger effort to go to the Ayr Classic show in June.




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