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Change of e-mail address


Hello all.

Please make a note I am changing my e-mail address, from now on it will be:

No, I am not changing now, sorry I thought I would have to leave aol but it seems that I don't have to now, so I still have the same address.

Regards John

You had better tell us your "old" address because having amended my address file your old details have been deleted

Too late John,
Your new address is in my address book now!!!

Sorry, I thought I was getting kick off of aol. but it seems that they are only stopping IM so although I have another e-mail address, the favored one is aol, so it's the other one will work and I will check it every now & then.

Many thanks, hope this is not too confusing.

Happy Christmas and all the very best for the new year TTJohn


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