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Hi All. I'm a new member from Bolton. Well actually I'm an old member that's rejoined. Was a member back in the early nineties.
This is my 4th BSA bike. My first was a Bantam 175 D7 which I learnt to ride on back in the sixties. Since then I've had an A7, Rocket 3 which I imported from the states and my latest bike is a 1956 Golden Flash Plunger model (along with 3 other bikes I have) which I've already got my teeth into getting it back on the road. So I've got plenty of questions for you all in the coming near future  ;D

Hi old git you don't say your name I too have just joined and i and have more questions than answers just remember it's supposed to be fun cheers Andrew 😂😂😂😂😂

    Welcome to the forum......

Best wishes..

Welcome to the club Adrew & the other old git, I'm sure you've done the correct thing by joining, as this is one of the freindliest clubs of all, we have wealth of helpfull chaps on the site who will endevour to answer all of your questions and some of the rallies are the canines bottom bits, including the open day and internationals, so get your name down for those to avoid disapointment.

Regards TTJohn

Welcome to both of you.  :-*



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