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Members meeting at Long Compton


It was a very good turn out of members at the meeting yesterday, with some interesting & informative, discusions. It was very good to see other members, who are dedicated to supporting the club, (we all know it's the best club out) I know that it's a bit of a chore getting up on Sunday to travel sometimes 150 miles or more but that is the only way we have to keep in touch & know what's going on and what events to look forward to.
It was great to hear that Daphne is doing a parachute jump to raise funds for a very good cause, she has got more pluck than me but I hope you will all sponser her by making a donation.

Just my two penneth TTJohn

Sorry to say that the health shyte these past few years has me a non attender, however I am ever hopeful for next year.
You mention Daphne, please let us have a link or something so that I may offer some sponsorship
Ta very much

Sorry your not so good thee days, health wise, you will have to learn how to take it easy mate. I'm sorry I never took any details about Daphne's sponsered parachutee jump, I just gave her a donation but I'm sure you can contact her through Cliff, if you look in some of your old Star magazines for his address.
In the meantime stay warm mate and let Marie look after you a bit more, she's a good un.
Regards  John.


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