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Fuel Tanks (again)

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Mike Farmer:
 Hi Roy:)

That is an extremely interesting read.

Might I suggest that you open a new topic just to give that a lot more prominence.  It could help a lot of people.

Thanks again

Mike 8) 8)

Mike Farmer:
Hi  :)

Follow up to petrol tank woes.

Now have mine back from having it internally stripped and resealed.

Checked it out as best I could and it appears to be sound. The workmanship is very good and the materials used have left a fairly high gloss finish: looks hard. Of course only time and use will tell. As I said expensive. Inc VAT 190.

I have another seriously ancient tank that I shall have a go at myself prob in the new year. Will report eventually "subject to memory"


Steve Tipper:
I keep hearing of people using a product called POR15 as a tank sealant.
It's actually meant for the painting of vehicle chassis and components, but it's supposed to be an excellent tank sealant too.
Expensive by paint standards but cheap compared to  190 I'd think.

Mike Farmer:
I can assure you that right now anything is cheap compared with 190.

Mike 8)

Steve Tipper:
I think rather than pay  190 to have an existing tank sealed, I'd buy one of the Indian offerings and then seal it on arrival with a proven quality tank sealant.
They've been known to have porous seam welds which will soon have your nice new paintwork bubbling up, but a good tank sealant should prevent that.
Not really good engineering I admit.
But how much for a quality British made new tank ?


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