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Singles / Re: Front brake
« Last post by MICKREEVES on Today at 07:27:09 »
Some thoughts on brakes.
My rear brake will easily lock the wheel. The brake lever is longer and my foot much more powerful than my hand.
I am happy with the power of my front brake, but, It is always fun to try different ideas for improvements.

With the normal brake, the leading shoe is being pushed ON by the rotation of the wheel, whilst the trailing shoe
is being pushed away. So the leading shoe is the most effective, gets hotter, and wears out quicker.
With twin leading shoes, both are more effective and so giving more powerful braking and need less hand strength
for normal use. This is with the normal brake cable anchored on the forks and both brake arms working together.
If the brake arms are moved in opposite directions, with the cable end on one arm, and the cable outer on the other,
then the brake pressure will be doubled for the same hand pressure.
I have ordered a cheap front brake plate and may try the conversion.
Singles / Re: Front brake
« Last post by MICKREEVES on Today at 07:10:35 »
Thanks for that. The Enfield parts are remarkably cheap.
Is that a steel drum ,or alloy? I would like to make my bike lighter.
Singles / C15 Tickover
« Last post by TIGERJ on Today at 02:54:58 »
Out for a ride of about 15 miles today, GREAT!
One small problem when bike is leaning over it stalls
Fine in the upright position.
Thought about raising the level in the float chamber ??
Any ideas much obliged as usual.
PS Anyone near Staffordshire for short ride out.
     Or chinwagg and a cup a ??
Pre War / Re: Identify model please
« Last post by BEVANC on Today at 00:32:58 »
The website "British Only Austria" has stands for sale, and "Cornucopia" have rear number plates and also springs for the stand.  The parts on both sites are expensive.
Hello there,
 Finally got everything back together. Now before anything else, I've fitted an Emgo external oil filter on the return line. Poured oil down pushrod tunnel, into head and the bore for initial startup. Plug out, I kicked it over for ages until a small dribble came out the return pipe. Got delayed 12 hours, but finally started it up for a couple of quick bursts of 20-30 seconds and NO OIL returning through top pipe.
 Oil tank bottom feed to the left fixed metal pipe. Return pipe ID'd as the one with the small fork on it for the head feed. Split main return line to 'IN' side of EMGO filter housing, the 'OUT' side goes back up to the oil tank. Cleaned out oil tank plus fitted a new mesh filter and all new hoses. Suggestions as to the best way to ensure oil is flowing  ?
After a hell of a lot of work and a lot more money I really don't want to end up with a f**ked engine (AGAIN) or have to strip it down again either. I just want to ride the damn thing !
Twins / Re: A10 Exhausts
« Last post by Jackson on 20 August, 2017, 23:56:35 »
Just  bought siamese plunger A10 exhausts from Armours. They didn't have chrome and have been having problems after a fire at their suppliers. To cut a long story short, their service was exemplary. They held a stainless set for me for months until it was evident that the chrome set weren't  going to appear. I ordered the stainless pipes and they supplied them at the cost of the chrome set. I'm hoping not to exhausts for a while, but when I do they will be my first port of call.
Singles / Re: C15 primary drive oil level - question rephrased
« Last post by MICKREEVES on 20 August, 2017, 22:01:49 »
I think the rupert ratio book explains this
Which BSA do you ride? / Re: b26 hello just arrived
« Last post by DOIVEY on 20 August, 2017, 21:58:41 »
Hi Nigel,

you'll find most parts including some engine parts are applicable from the B20 right thru to the B26.

Don't get hung up on parts not being the correct number for your Bike.

You'll probably find its the same part with different number stamped on it .

I've have found this restoring my B20. 

I wish there was a big database cross referencing parts numbers across the different models for what the same parts were used.

Good Luck
The Star and Garter / Re: Such a shame
« Last post by DEAN SOUTHALL on 20 August, 2017, 21:51:29 »
I saw them at TRempstone Show this year. Good old style thrilling entertainment. In a moment of bad taste I asked one of the team before the show if they had any bikes fpr sale ( ;)) and was told the Triumphs would be on offer at 17,000.
Singles / Re: C15 primary drive oil level - question rephrased
« Last post by cee-b on 20 August, 2017, 21:42:34 »
Thanks Mick and Julian,
I'll follow the advice and take the cover off to check what is going on from the inside
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