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Singles / Re: B31 with odd frame number
« on: 17 March, 2017, 10:14:34 »
There was a posting last year with a very similar sounding B31 frame with a 1963 C15 number. The originator was William. You should be able to find the thread if you access the old forum from the link and put B31 frame in the search field.

Got to be dodgy, a B31 frame with a C15 number. Cannot think of any other way to describe it.

Could have been a victim of the numberplate trade back in the late 1980s early 1990s, before things were tightened up, when there were a number of reports of frames with multiple numbers stamped on them to facilitate reclaim and selling plates. I seem to remember one report of a Norton frame with 9 different numbers most not even Norton, reported in the classic motorcycle press

Singles / Re: 1949 B31 Gearbox
« on: 16 March, 2017, 14:25:03 »
Service sheet 608 will help. You can view it in BSAOC members area. It has 4 pages.

Below photo gives details of how to remove speedo drive from 608 page 2.

hopefully it will help things along.

Twins / Re: A65L engin and frame number
« on: 15 March, 2017, 15:47:15 »
If it starts A65L with no other letter then its 1966 season, almost at the end June or July 1966 (a 1967 engine would  start A65LA). The engine and frame number should match.

If it was 1970 the engine number would include a pair of dating numbers as well as model identification.

See machine dating on BSAOC website.

Twins / Re: 1954 A10 S/A Front brake torque arm
« on: 15 March, 2017, 14:40:04 »
Order is fork leg then mudguard stay then brake torque arm.

The torque arm is bent to put it in the correct position. If it was the other way around the stay would be shaped whereas it isnactually symetric.

Twins / Re: BSA A10 Super Rocket rewire
« on: 14 March, 2017, 20:00:31 »
Connect 2 to 5, then given the internal or external  connection between 5 and central rotor the headlight and pilot will come on in the pilot light position

Off position switch rotor connects 5 to 4

Pilot position switch rotor connects 4 to 3. for pilot/tail speedo

Headlight position switch rotor connects 3 to 2 for headlight and the internal connection feeds to the tail and speedo bulb (but not the pilot)

Twins / Re: BSA A10 Super Rocket rewire
« on: 14 March, 2017, 18:35:18 »
I would not want to take my bike to him.

The A10 wiring is quite simple, though the Haynes diagrams are not very helpful.

I have attached the diagram from the handbook for the 1960 on A10s but it would be the same for your bike. It could be that the wiring has been done with cable other than the original harness colours. You might find the wiring from headlight switch to light is blue/white for main beam and blue/red for dipped, as used on later bikes.

Spend time on the diagram and trace all the wires in your harness to satisfy yourself that its all connected up correctly.

The A10 from 1958 would originally have been positive earth though of course it could have been changed. If its been connected the wrong way around the voltage control unit may be damaged and  your dynamo may need to be repolarised for positive earth.

The light switch only needs 4 terminals, there should be a moulded in figure by each terminal to identify them. You need 2 3 4 and 5. 5 will have a connection between it and the central rotor. Depending on which switch you have its either internal and you wont see it (for a cowl type fitting) or an obvious external one ( for seperate headlamp fitting)

Singles / Re: Help please
« on: 14 March, 2017, 16:54:23 »
Its cast iron.

Can be hard to weld.

Singles / Re: head gasket
« on: 13 March, 2017, 10:21:00 »
Not seen a figure published for the C15 but the B40 with the same nuts as a figure of 28 - 30 ft lbs.

It is hard to apply the torques given the position of 2 of the nuts and on my B40 just tightened firmly and evenly.

Its worth looking at the recent post by ROBT headed "B44 head gasket" and the problem of head gasket being manufacture from too thin material causing the head to bottom on the cylinder spigot before the gasket has been compressed enough to seal the joint..

Singles / Re: Paint Colour and paint codes for 1949 B31
« on: 13 March, 2017, 09:46:24 »
The 1949 catalogue only describes the colour as green and the parts book finish page also does not give a name to the green. Your tank finish would be chrome and green. The rest black.

Probably best to go to a paint specialist (RS bike paint?) unless you have a sample of the original.

Photo from 1949 parts book. Your tank finish /15 on the list.

Twins / Re: Single seat on a A65 Thunderbolt?
« on: 12 March, 2017, 12:13:30 »
Below shows parts from the 1969 A65 catalogue.

Singles / Re: Fork Stanchion Bottom Nut
« on: 11 March, 2017, 11:57:01 »
My fork plug is also 1 3/16 inch across flats.

Singles / Re: Fork Stanchion Bottom Nut
« on: 11 March, 2017, 10:10:55 »
Looks like everyone is right.

See the Parts Service Bulletin extract below - BSA changed the size of the hex but it does not say when.

Have just found my spare A65 fork plug and it takes an 11/16 box spanner - but I dont know if it is an original or revised part!

The Star and Garter / Re: Balancing on a bike
« on: 11 March, 2017, 09:35:45 »
Tampering with a bikes geometry is potentially dangerous to all road users.

Suggest sell it and buy a bike more suitable for your intended use - maybe a trail type?

Singles / Re: Fork Stanchion Bottom Nut
« on: 10 March, 2017, 17:27:13 »
Fork tools below for up to and including 1968 models.

Twins / Re: carb jet confusion
« on: 10 March, 2017, 12:28:45 »
There were some changes to the concentric during the 60's as it developed - float bowl with drain plug introduced, the needle jet holder and the needle dimensions changed (as a matched pair) and the detachable pilot jet was replaced by a pressed in pilot bush which may have contributed to the variation but I suspect that practical experience may also have contributed.

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