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Singles / oil circulation
« on: 03 March, 2018, 20:26:50 »
how quickly should a tank of oil circulate on  BSA single b34 ,  etc . I have sae 50 castrol classic oil in there but the return , when cold -1 c , is bubbly and spitty at best . I know the pump is good as for the first 5 seconds it pumps back solid stream . The engine is completely new inside . Pearson crank , bearings liner piston etc . Just not sure what should be seen returning . Its about half what returns in my b44 with 40 sae classic in it . thanks .

Singles / BSA BD34 GS
« on: 14 January, 2018, 18:40:06 »
I have just , saturday , bought a bsa gold star . The engine is in many pieces and need quite a lot of sorting . Not sure about the crankshaft ,may buy new one , but it is missing the piston . The bore looks good but is worn / bored / honed to 86.44 . Looks honed but may have been worn then honed . The liner measures in english 3.4035 at the top and 3.4055 at the bottom a rebore would only be 3.4065 that would give me 0003 thou clearance . I believe a +60 is 86.52 . Standard bore is 85mm and 60 though is 1.52mm so it should , In my mind , be doable  . What do you think .

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