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Pre War / W6 - Information
« on: 17 October, 2017, 20:48:27 »
I do not have any experience with bikes, but have been searching for a Pre-war BSA for some time, as a long term project for my father and I.
A W6 is not too far away and I would like some assistance in understanding the model (any literature/manuals available?) & also regards sourcing parts. Its a 1936 year, but late 1935 build I believe.

Would I be correct in assuming the W6 is the side valve younger brother of the W33-7 or is it an empire star?  I believe the 6 was initially for side car use - but perfectly fine as a unit on it's own.  I read the side valve provided better torque for side car applications?  Other than that, are there many other differences?
In terms of sourcing parts, what is interchangeable - or does one have to specifically state that parts are required specifically for a 6?
I'd love to read up on the model too, but there isn't much on the 6 online, I'm still searching for any old books on them.
Any help/knowledge gratefully received.

Alternatively, if you'd recommend any other Pre-war BSA's that might be easier to source parts for, then I can direct my search there.

Best wishes.

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