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These headlights are fixed by wire mounts, either side of the wire are two large washers, the outer being chrome with two tags. Can I find new ones, no. Dragonfly don't even list the part number. This style is common to A65 and 70's Triumphs. Help please. Couldn't see any on ebay. Thanks.

Twins / Re: reluctant starter
« on: 13 November, 2017, 18:00:16 »
Whats the spark like with the plugs out. I had a Boyer with a crack in the stator which made it intermittent.

Twins / Lucas 169SA Handlebar Light Switches
« on: 11 November, 2017, 16:00:28 »
Part of my OIF A65 restoration is the wiring. I have a new Lucas main loom ready to go on, but the handlebar switch outer cables looked very drab and dirty. I bought some black Heat Shrink which slipped over all the cables with some persuasion. I put the whole thing in front of a fan heater and now have a smart looking switch harness ready to go on. Thought I would share this as the forum is quiet. 

Twins / Re: A65 OIF engine rebuild.
« on: 08 November, 2017, 17:51:15 »
Thanks to Mike and Bess, sounds fair.

The Star and Garter / Re: Short intro.
« on: 08 November, 2017, 16:27:04 »
Agree with Chris. I got imperial sockets 10 pence each and spanners 20 pence each at a bike jumble in Enfield. Got UNF nuts and bolts from South Essex Fastners in Southend. They take email orders and all the correct sizes are on Dragonfly's index, very helpful. Cheap as chips.

Twins / Re: A65 OIF engine rebuild.
« on: 08 November, 2017, 15:45:14 »
Thanks Bess. The last A65 he did  was 800, he did say it took as long to sort out the sludge trap as it did to strip the engine. can't afford SRM at 2500. They do a cracking job and in fact bought a posh oil pump off them for my A10. My bloke would farm out any machining so I am looking at prices and hours for strip and rebuild. I know my big ends are good. Thanks.

Twins / A65 OIF engine rebuild.
« on: 07 November, 2017, 16:40:15 »
A guy I know is willing to pull my basket case engine to bits for a clean and inspection. Unlike me, he has all the correct tools and is very competent. Obviously I will be paying for all the required spare parts, gaskets etc. He will be charging by the hour and I trust him on that. My question is how many hours should the tear down and rebuild take on average. I appreciate that there could be complications which we will review, just an average please. Thanks.

PS Forgot to mention, the head and barrels are off and I will be refitting them.

The Star and Garter / Re: More on tanks
« on: 02 November, 2017, 14:48:22 »
Just been quoted 400 to have my A65 Tank and side panels spray, already shot blasted for them. Where is your painter ?

Twins / Re: A65 swingarm bush removal
« on: 29 October, 2017, 15:09:53 »
You need a man with a press, or a log splitter ( worked for mine 5 Ton ).  Heat can help and hot and cold in reverse.

Twins / Re: buyer beware!
« on: 29 October, 2017, 15:07:39 »
I got one like that for 2,900. Dreamers  ???

The Star and Garter / Re: Short intro.
« on: 27 October, 2017, 15:59:04 »
Hi Nick. I recently bought a basket case A65 which was in bits, many bits. Belonged to an Ace Cafe chap who died five years ago ( Roger Glover ). Got a new log book by sending off a V62 and 25. One owner from new. Getting there slowly hope to have the new wheels and tyres back next week. If there is anything you need just ask. Draganfly's website is really good, better than a Haynes manual. Regards  8)

The Star and Garter / Re: Fuel Tanks (again)
« on: 25 October, 2017, 17:12:43 »
Loads on Youtube including Apple Cider ?

The Star and Garter / Re: How to resize photos for forum posting.
« on: 25 October, 2017, 17:11:18 »
Thanks Chris. It works on percentage not bytes, what percentage will I need. Regards Colin

Twins / Re: Oil pipes on OIF 650 1971-72
« on: 24 October, 2017, 15:43:19 »
Thanks lads another part of the puzzle.

Twins / Oil pipes on OIF 650 1971-72
« on: 23 October, 2017, 18:03:33 »
What internal size are the rubber oil and breather pipes. I assume they are all the same size. I intend to buy direct from a pipe supplier instead of buying by part numbers, thanks.

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