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Singles / Oil feed/return pipes
« on: 07 January, 2018, 09:39:00 »
Hi guys
I would like to fit some shiny new armoured oil pipes to my B31 plunger; but all those offered for sale have a 90degree elbow union on one end; the fittings both into the crankcase and from the oil tank are obviously straight...  am I missing something ?

Singles / B31 front hub rebuild
« on: 22 December, 2017, 17:43:39 »
Hi Guys

I'm rebuilding the front hub on my 1955 B31 plunger after having the wheel rebuilt and after putting it together as per the service sheet it just doent "feel right"
I would have thought that the outer shell of near-side bearing should be flush with the lip inside the hub and therefore recessed into the hub by about 1/4"; but when put together the edge of the bearing is just about flush with the edge of the hub- see pic. The bearing is correctly positioned on the spindle- ie flush with the retaining lip and the bearing on the other side appears to be in the correct place.  Its so long ago that I stripped it down I cant remember what the original looked like;
There are 2 washers- a thick one with a cut-out (why I dont know) and a shim- I'm assuming the thick one goes on the inside of the off-side bearing and the shim on the ouside of the near-side bearing- the diagram on the service sheet isnt very clear, but in any case the dust cover wont fit

Anybody throw any light on this ?   

Singles / gear selector problem
« on: 06 November, 2017, 12:30:09 »
B31; 1955; M series type gearbox

Help !... this is doing my crust in !!!  I've assembled the gear selector unit as per the service sheet but once the springs are on they pull the pawls away from the ratchet plate. When I put the unit into the box I have to lever the top pawl carrier past the stops on the gearbox
I cant see there is another way of putting it together...believe me I've tried !... so what am I missing ????

Singles / B31 gearbox query
« on: 30 October, 2017, 17:45:01 »
In the process of putting back together my B31 (plunger) gearbox- according to the bible it is imperative that the dot on the selector quadrant is lined up with the dot on the casing...slight a dot on the quadrant but there is nothing on the casing.... any ideas ?

Singles / B31 Magneto oil seal
« on: 19 October, 2017, 14:51:32 »
Hi guys

Partway through a B31 rebuild and come to refit the magneto; I've put a new oilseal in the housing - my gut instinct says spring/open side  to the inside- ie towards the pinion or into the timing chest...  but when I've peeled the old seal off the pinion its fitted the other way round- ie spring towards the magneto.

Which is correct ?


Singles / B31 Small end bush
« on: 28 September, 2017, 16:52:32 »
Rebuilding a 1954 B31 and the small end bush is u/s- virtually in two clearly a replacement is required. (Bike hasnt run since 1974 )
Obtained a new one but it is far roo large both internal and external. Now I've just had an interesting chat with a nice man at Hawkshaws who have stocks of "old" "new" stock but he thinks these were supplied "unfinished" by BSA and need to be machined (reamed) prior to fitting....anybody come across this situation ?


Singles / B31 piston rings +40
« on: 15 August, 2017, 16:10:59 »
Hi guys

Anybody know where I can get a set of +40 piston rings for a B31 ?

Singles / B31 Cush Drive Nut
« on: 23 July, 2017, 15:47:28 »
I cant get the cush dive nut off (B31 1955  Plunger) ...its been really butchered by a previous owner but I cant get it to move; There doesn't appear to be a tab washer behind it- between the nut and the spring- I've tried stiltsons and a big hammer but cant shift it.......any tips gratefully received !!


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