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Twins / Re: A10 Dynamo belt-drive conversion and Rodark panniers
« on: 01 August, 2017, 20:50:19 »
Thanks for that, JulianS. If you've used it for that long I'm guessing that you've not noticed any tendency for the dynamo to wear out more quickly  :) It's also reassuring to hear that you wouldn't revert to a chain driven arrangement.

Thanks too, Bess, for your comments


Twins / A10 Dynamo belt-drive conversion and Rodark panniers
« on: 01 August, 2017, 16:57:28 »
Hello, folks.
I'm gradually working my way through my recently acquired 1952 A10 so that it can become a long-legged tourer  :) When I got her she was still on side-car gearing and the speedo was showing 10mph fast. Great for the ego, but not for the frenetic revs. I eventually tracked down a UK made solo rear drum with 42T sprocket to replace the dustbin lid sized 49T one and whilst I was at it I replaced the 19T gearbox sprocket with a 21T. She now runs very serenely at a genuine 60mph, though I must admit that when I bought the sprocket I hadn't realised the the engine/gearbox unit had to come out of the frame to get at the beggar  :-[ The speedo now shows up to 5mph slow at 50-60 but is around 2mph fast at 30 - which is fine if you know about it  ;)
As the engine is now spinning more slowly I have a mind to fit a belt drive conversion to the dynamo from (I will retain the 6v system which already has an electronic regulator) which does gear up the dynamo and increases output at lower engine revs. Has anyone fitted one of these and if so, what's your opinion on the 'silence' of it?
I'm currently in the process of fitting a set of Rodark panniers to her (very good fibreglass replicas from Craven/Draganfly) - they are now sprayed a matching gold and hardening in the conservatory. I will be lacquering them in the morning, weather permitting.
Other jobs that will be undertaken in due course is replacement of the suspension springs F/R with sidecar weight jobbies as she will spend much of her life 2-up, a tapered head-race conversion and assorted stainless steel bits such as axles/nuts/bolts, Devon rims etc. Most will be done over the winter. For now she'll be ridden pretty much as is. She has been restored at some point, to a good standard and has mellowed a bit so looks used but loved.
We've not been together for too long, but I'm already growing very fond of this old girl.


Twins / Re: Oil
« on: 31 July, 2017, 14:12:23 »
Im playing it safe  ;) straight castrol GP50 in all the bikes with roller big ends and Duckhams Q in the Golden Flash and the Matchless G9. Unfortunately Im down to my last gallon can (ah, a proper, good old Imperial gallon in a tin can, remember those?  ::)  ) of DQ after a mate cleared his garage out years ago and I ended up with a few cans.
I dare say once it's finally gone then it'll have to be something in 20/50 from Morris Oils or even Halfords  :)
With regard to sludge etc. Ive split many engines over the years and never come across one that has been a runner that has worried me. If its a really neglected/dead one that going to be rebuilt, then it'll get a proper clean out anyway.

As for an expert, isn't an ex a has-been, and a spurt a drip under pressure?  :D   I know, it's an old one. I'll get my coat.

Thanks for the welcome. TTFN.

Twins / Re: Oil
« on: 30 July, 2017, 21:16:33 »
Hello, folks.
My first post here despite having run BSA's since the 70s when I passed my test on my D7 De Luxe Bantam  ;) - currently I have a 1953 B31 and a 1952 A10 Golden Flash (both plungers) on the fleet.
I thought this article would be of interest, particularly the reference to detergency. Seems we could be worrying needlessly.


PS My membership form for the BSAOC went in the post yesterday.

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