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Singles / B31 Sparks & Lights
« on: 24 April, 2017, 23:09:15 »
Hello all,
After working abroad for the last 15 years I am finally back working in the UK and have pulled the B31 (Rigid 1949) out and am embarking on a full re-build.
The bike is complete and I do not expect many surprises along the way, but I know the mag was iffy, the dyno does not work and I really fancy decent lights and a reliable spark.
Can anyone help with the following questions please?

Can I replace the cam & spring engine shock absorber with a cush drive to allow an alternator fitting & Subsequent electronic ignition?

Has anyone any comments on the magdyno replacement units for sale on the web?

Any ideas to banish the prince of darkness and appease the spark fairy are most welcome.


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