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Sidecars / Re: A bit in the side
« on: 18 April, 2017, 10:16:22 »
Hi Dean,
              Found myself looking at this thread due to the title...... :o ....  :)

Twins / Re: Advice on possible new purchase please
« on: 18 April, 2017, 10:04:20 »
Hi Drummie,
                     I have attached SRM's 2016 price list, they probably have the most experience and it will give some idea.

The issues you are describing sound like an ignition problem. As you've no idea of its history I would temporary add cable to isolate the ignition system to help with fault finding. I have attached a wiring diagram to help.

Best wishes....

Twins / Re: Advice on possible new purchase please
« on: 16 April, 2017, 09:02:27 »
Hi Drummie,
                    If the conversion has been carried out it would have been done professionally probably SRM. They would have highly recommended the sludge trap be opened and cleaned, I would expect any person stripping down the engine in the past to clean the trap as a matter of course. It is there to centrifuge the solids ensuring a clean oil feed to the shells, its not to be feared. My guess is that the bike is okay. When you get it home drain the oil, clean out the oil tank, oil tank gauze filter and PRV gauze. Put a pint of oil in the crankcase to ensure oil gets to the top end quickly, the remainder in the tank and restart the engine. Check in the top of oil tank to ensure the oil is returning.

I have recently stripped down 2 engines and found the traps to be in the region of 50% full which would not be detrimental to the oil feed. One of the cranks was original so I expect it contained 50 years of muck.

After the rebuilds I have added an oil filter to the system and use modern oils see:-

There has been plenty of discussion on these subjects a quick trawl through the forums should help further.

I have had a number of BSA's over the years and enjoyed every moment of them, they have been a worthwhile hobby. Take the plunge and enjoy.

Best wishes....

Singles / Re: C15 Electrics
« on: 09 April, 2017, 18:43:09 »
Well lets hope us younger ones get you back riding out on these sunny days we are having. Dartmoor was superb today............

Singles / Re: C15 Electrics
« on: 09 April, 2017, 09:12:52 »
Hi Calvin,
Have you tried this website for ideas?

Best wishes...

Twins / Re: Electronic ignition
« on: 07 April, 2017, 22:11:13 »
Hi Old Biker,
                   I have a Boyer Bransden system on my A50 and I'm using a Boyer MKIV on my A65's.

I have completely redesigned the wiring to -ve earth (see attachment) so I can use quality LED's (headlight still QH). I also use quality modern components rather than the copies of the OM stuff on the market.

I wanted to use a Digital Lighting/Ignition Alternator Kit but the alternator only generates 65W. I considered using LED's, but I'm not convinced with the LED headlight quality.

Kit link for information:

Best wishes...

Twins / Re: Electronic ignition
« on: 07 April, 2017, 18:20:44 »
I would say do it. I have and never had an issue.

Best wishes...

Twins / Re: Pre ignition
« on: 03 April, 2017, 07:16:10 »
    Acid level will not be a factor.

I believe you have had electronic ignition fitted recently. If I have issues I always migrate to the last item altered, so I would suggest the timing is too far advanced.

If you list all the things you have changed recently and the circumstances of the issues, this forum can help further with a solution.

Best wishes.....

Singles / Re: B31 Timing Side Roller Bearing
« on: 02 April, 2017, 08:44:52 »
     Which bearing manufacturer did Simply Bearings supply? If you are concerned it's worth phoning them.

I purchase 4 needle rollers from them and the quoted loading wasn't what they supplied, they gladly replaced them for me (next day and with the free postage, I had to pay for the return postage though).

Best of luck........

Twins / Re: Side Panels
« on: 01 April, 2017, 15:20:24 »
Hi Mike,
             Bikerbob is correct.

The Roy Bacon book states A50 side covers - 1962-1965, Metallic green (39) with round winged BSA badges.

Singles / Re: B31 Timing Side Roller Bearing
« on: 01 April, 2017, 11:27:59 »
You might find Stirling is a supplier of bearings not a manufacturer, maybe repackaging in some instances similar to Simply Bearings?

The Star and Garter / Re: TRike
« on: 01 April, 2017, 09:29:42 »
Hi Mike,
             Hows the contemplating going?

I found this image, it might help with ideas.....

Singles / Re: C15 Hub
« on: 31 March, 2017, 10:16:11 »
      I've used valanced alloy or when looking for an original look, stainless, both with success. The stainless, I have further polished with mops before building to get the best finish possible.

I am in the middle of a restoration using a wider rear rim (see image). As Julian said, plus check the chain travel and chain guard. I had to move the guard about 1/4" as it was fouling the tyre. I feel the bigger rim and tyre does look good, when I have it running I'll let you know how it handles.

I use new stainless spokes and nipples. Whenever I've taken out the old they were chromed with corrosion around the threads.

I build my own wheels, it's easier than you think although Central Wheel Components built the rear wheel of the bike in the image. They have supplied parts for me in the past and I have never had a complaint.

Best wishes...

Twins / Re: A65 - Front wheel spindle
« on: 30 March, 2017, 20:12:46 »
Hi Julian,
               Just a quick update.

I fitted a 7 1/2 inch spindle, all is okay albeit the lug is still not fully engaged but the wheel sits centrally between the fork legs now.

 In near the future I will investigate the brake plate position in relation to the drum. I might get some leeway if I shim between the plate and the wheel bearing moving the plate closer to the fork leg. Obviously ensuring the shoe area is bearing fully on the drum.

Thanks again........

Singles / Re: B33 main bearing circlip
« on: 30 March, 2017, 19:52:33 »
     Your welcome.

 I have struggled in the past for hours with sharpened screwdrivers and O ring removal tools.  I have a Maplin rotary tool that has come in handy when using the carbide bits.

Hope all goes well...............

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