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Twins / A65 - 3 ball clutch operating mechanism
« on: Today at 10:36:10 »
     Has anyone experienced a clicking issue with the 3 ball clutch operating mechanism.

I have one where the balls move with the plates and full back into the depressions with a loud clicking sound. I have tried lubing with oil only and grease only without effect. I guess the plates are worn so I'm thinking of changing the balls from 3/8" to 10mm to see if that works.

Any ideas gratefully welcomed..


Pre War / Re: 1937 B22
« on: 19 November, 2017, 19:19:09 »
Hi Phil,
           Could be a weak mixture, screw in pilot and try again.

Best wishes...

Twins / Re: A65T Fork Slider Length
« on: 17 November, 2017, 18:56:27 »
    To put your mind at rest the spindle hole in the sliders is not bored at 90 degrees. See attached images, the angle I have been told is 89 degrees (thank-you, John Phelan).

I was going to buy a set with a shallow counter-bore but was told the normal fork sliders were also used on some "A" group twins before the change (97-3641 & 97-3645, 1969 and before shown in the attached images and 97-3933 & 97-3934, 1969 and after, shown in your images). So I won't be changing mine, saving some cash for other projects.

This angle will bring the sliders inline when the wheel is fitted. No need to add shims or alter the arrangement, it is as BSA intended. It also tilts the fork slider brake lug into the brake plate.

The poor chap in the photos actually machind his sliders to 90 degrees and fitted caps of equal length.

Best wishes...

The Star and Garter / Re: Stolen Bikes, lifted from another forum.
« on: 15 November, 2017, 17:33:57 »
Absolutely devastating...........

     Good news Duckhams oils are back:

The Star and Garter / Re: New member from Bolton
« on: 12 November, 2017, 18:57:16 »
    Welcome to the forum......

Best wishes..

Twins / Re: Torque settings again.
« on: 11 November, 2017, 17:03:02 »

    22 tpi BSF bolts are 10 lb/ft, 26 tpi CEI are 81/2 lb/ft. From 1956 onwards the torque setting is 22 lb/ft.

Sounds like you are okay  :) :)

Best wishes...

Singles / Re: B40 Star air filter - what's the best option now
« on: 10 November, 2017, 20:26:50 »
    If you haven't got a illustration:

Best wishes...

Singles / Re: B40 Star air filter - what's the best option now
« on: 09 November, 2017, 20:19:43 »
      One of these?

Best wishes...

Singles / Re: B40 Star air filter - what's the best option now
« on: 09 November, 2017, 10:50:14 »
Hi hoogerbooger,

Try here:

Best wishes...

Twins / Re: Super Rocket head torque
« on: 09 November, 2017, 09:45:06 »
    I have attached the complete A65 torque settings.

There is a service sheet describing the thick washers Julian mentioned, I cant find it at the moment. The dimensions are 3/8" X 5/8" X .104", I purchased some washers with a O/D diameter  larger than 5/8" to get the thickness and turned them down. If you not got a lathe, put 5 on a fully threaded bolt, lock them with a nut and grind them down to size.

Best wishes...

Twins / Re: Super Rocket head torque
« on: 08 November, 2017, 20:22:41 »
                       Did you see your original post answers?

Best wishes...

The Star and Garter / Re: Super Rocket cylinder head torque
« on: 08 November, 2017, 17:33:50 »
    Please see attached service sheet 208.

3rd paragraph down,

 "make them really tight, working diagonally in order to secure even tightness, and leaving the central inclined bolt to the last. When they are all right down give them a final wrench to make certain that they really are tight"

Good luck  :) :)

Twins / Re: A65 OIF engine rebuild.
« on: 08 November, 2017, 16:54:07 »
    It took me a day to strip down and just over a day to rebuild, say 20 hours labour maximum should suffice.

Best wishes...

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