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Singles / Re: A65 pistons
« on: 12 October, 2017, 22:30:57 »
7:1 is absolutely fine for present day petrol which is rather lower octane rating than was around when A65s were produced. You won't notice the miniscule power loss.

The Star and Garter / Re: owning a British bike?
« on: 11 October, 2017, 14:41:53 »
An old bike is only as good as its last rebuild. If it was done carefully your machine will last for years and years with minimal attention. My Star Twin has never failed to get me home in 40 years of use and abuse and like Steve, I would happily take it anywhere. It is still everyday transport and used for time-critical journeys where I have to be at a certain place at a certain time.
The reputation for unreliability was built up in the 1960s and 1970s when the bikes were run into the ground and bodged by unskilled youths who thrashed them mercilessly. Guilty as charged, Your Honour. 

Twins / Re: A65 cylinder flange cracking?
« on: 07 October, 2017, 21:10:55 »
Yes. An A65 I bought many years ago had the barrel flange cracked. All the nuts seemed to be torqued up OK.

A can of worms may well be opened. DVLA seem to be going through a somewhat inflexible phase just now. Just possibly they might be helpful OR you may have to go through the whole tedious process of applying for an age related number - and losing your original registration.
Bring back helpful local offices.

The Star and Garter / Re: MOT changes for historical vehicles
« on: 18 September, 2017, 06:34:43 »
I think it is aimed at the Series 1 Land Rovers with coil springs and a V8 engine - nowt but the body panels left of the original. And claiming historic vehicle tax exemption. Will modified vehicles lose their tax exemption? It would make sense.
Locally we have 2 MoT testing stations. One does the fine tooth comb bit - even putting my 1913 Douglas on the brake test rollers. The other treats the elderly vehicles with a bit of sympathy whilst ensuring they are roadworthy The first mentioned MoT station was going to fail my Series 1 Land Rover on missing sills. Series 1 Land Rovers don't have sills.
It's this huge disparity in dealing with older vehicles that is indicative of the need for MoT exemption. 

The Star and Garter / Re: Stolen bikes
« on: 15 September, 2017, 13:50:52 »
I suspect the Borders Agency and Customs are more concerned with drugs and people smuggling. The odd disappearing bike just doesn't make the priority list.

Twins / Re: BSA A10 fuel taps
« on: 06 September, 2017, 06:12:20 »
I went completely wild and bought a new pair from C & D Autos. Can't be bothered with fiddling around with leaky corks. Plus I don't really want petrol dripping on hot exhausts and HT leads. The only downside is rivet counters fainting in horror.

Twins / Re: Super Rocket ignition timing
« on: 05 September, 2017, 10:19:18 »
3/8" is the book setting. However, modern fuels are lower octane (they even changed the method of calculating octane ratings possibly to disguise the drop) so I would suggest 5/16" would be more appropriate. The one thing you should avoid is over-advancing the ignition timing. That way pinking and detonation lie. Don't know why you were advised 7/16". Seems quite wrong to me.

Twins / Re: Battery flat after riding with lights on
« on: 28 August, 2017, 07:02:29 »
If your multimeter if fluctuating, it's either your rectifier/zener diode/powerbox failing on the charging side or an intermittent short circuit somewhere. Your charging side should more than match riding with headlights on so there is something amiss. I would be surprised if it's just a battery problem. 

Singles / Re: Whats good about motorcycling?
« on: 26 August, 2017, 06:08:32 »
Mostly on the boringly practical side...
Smugly drifting past long queues of stationary traffic
Being able to park almost anywhere
Sneaking through pedestrianised areas when lost (York, Cambridge)
Ignoring road closures in the evenings when the workers have all gone home - you can always get a bike through.
Looking down on sports car drivers
Receiving preferential treatment from traffic police (only works with old bikes)
Sniffing the breeze
Getting admiring looks from fine young things who have no idea how old you really are

Oh dear, that shouldn't happen. As chair of our local VMCC section, I always make a point of welcoming new faces - and there's usually one or more members chatting to them already. Perhaps South Derbyshire needs to take a look at itself.
Why VMCC? No BSAOC branches up here in the frozen North.
In the dim and distant past, I did ask if I could attend a BSAOC rally on a Norton and got a very frosty response. It did put me off.

Singles / Re: Torque wrench
« on: 24 August, 2017, 13:47:31 »
It's fair to assume torque figures are for dry threads. B31 or unit single? These days it's an age thing... More and more people are looking for lighter bikes like C15s and cubs (both Triumph and Honda). Hopefully I'll be riding my heavyweights for a good while longer yet!

Singles / Re: Torque wrench
« on: 24 August, 2017, 06:15:35 »
Succinctly put. For big end bolts, accurate measure of bolt stretch is more accurate than torque figures. You just need the appropriate micrometer and the stretch figures - not always available!

Singles / Re: Torque wrench
« on: 23 August, 2017, 22:08:31 »
I do have a torque wrench but very rarely use it. If you have an engineering background, you should be more than capable of avoiding under/over torquing nuts etc. It's just the really essential nuts and bolts - con rod big ends for instance - that can benefit from the use of a torque wrench. And as you will know, you have to allow for clean thread vs lubricated thread and so on.
A good set of Whitworth spanners and 3/8" drive sockets is a good start.

Twins / Re: Rich running Super Rocket
« on: 17 August, 2017, 14:13:46 »
There is some confusion in the published figures. In my experience, a 420 is way too big. My one runs a 300 main jet. If you look at the figures for a 1960 Super Rocket, it states a 290 whereas a 1960 RGS shows a 420. Confusing, huh?

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