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Twins / Re: Engine tear down
« on: 22 March, 2017, 14:08:40 »
As Eddie says, avoid the flushing oil. I once wrecked an Enfield by flushing it. It loosened a bit of debris which then cunningly blocked an oilway. I would recommend just using a reputable multigrade. 

Twins / Re: Engine tear down
« on: 22 March, 2017, 06:34:06 »
In my younger days I stripped and rebuilt engines far too often and pretty much invariably pointlessly. Oil tanks are prone to collect sludge - in fact it could be argued that they are designed to do it. The manuals state that the oil tank should be cleaned out at regular intervals. So clean out the tank, change the oil reasonably regularly - particularly if you do a lot of short runs - and keep on riding. 

Singles / Re: RAF WD B40 Rebuild
« on: 20 March, 2017, 06:38:01 »
My shed started off spacious, clean and tidy...

Singles / Re: B31 with odd frame number
« on: 18 March, 2017, 22:33:28 »
With the frame and V5c numbers matching it will be legal as far as DVLA are concerned. However, the frame number has clearly been changed at some time in its past and you have to wonder why. There's no need to re-stamp a legitimate frame.

Singles / Re: WD B40 Fuse
« on: 18 March, 2017, 17:36:07 »
The fuse, as mentioned, is to stop wires burning out in the event of a short circuit. So a 35A glass fuse is OK for that. It's what I have in my bikes.
You can get all sophisticated and have fuses for various circuits and relays for the headlight for example but that's not how they came out of the factory.
As an indicator of electrical sophistication, my 1951 Land Rover has just one fuse. The workshop manual states that in event of fuses blowing, fit a higher rated fuse. Things have moved on since then.

Singles / Re: B31 with odd frame number
« on: 18 March, 2017, 17:30:23 »
If the frame number does not match the V5c, it ain't legal.

Twins / Re: BSA A10 Super Rocket rewire
« on: 18 March, 2017, 06:56:41 »
Your A10 should be positive earth. The first check is to be sure the dynamo is working and correct polarity. Remove the F and D dynamo leads. Make up a jumper wire and connect the dynamo F and D terminals together. Connect one terminal of a voltmeter to the jumper wire and the other to earth. Start your bike. You should get a reading on your voltmeter on a fast tickover - up to 26 volts if you rev it (not recommended). You should then deduce the polarity of your dynamo.
If it's positive, your shop has made an arse of your wiring and you should start by reversing your battery leads. If it's negative they've at least got that bit right.       

The Star and Garter / Re: Balancing on a bike
« on: 11 March, 2017, 06:40:32 »
It might cure one problem but is might well pose others - beware the law of unintended consequences. Would your insurers be happy with an unauthorised alteration to your frame geometry?

The Star and Garter / Re: TRike
« on: 08 March, 2017, 06:46:32 »
A simpler option is of course the sidecar. Many may sneer but they can be an absolute hoot.

The Star and Garter / Re: 1957 Super Rocket
« on: 08 March, 2017, 06:43:42 »
No but I do like the pedestrian emasculator on the front mudguard on the brochure.

Twins / Re: A10 SRM Five gear custer
« on: 07 March, 2017, 14:21:07 »
The STD swinging arm BSA box has a bit of a gap between 2nd and 3rd gear. However, the A10 engine is sufficiently flexible and torquey that you really don't notice it. Try the normal 4 speed first before going to the expense of a 5 speed cluster.

Twins / Re: A65 Piston advice
« on: 01 March, 2017, 14:23:54 »
Would be interested to know what SRM recommended.

I'll be there on Sunday - may just get on on Saturday afternoon if I can.

The Star and Garter / Re: Spark plugs
« on: 28 February, 2017, 06:23:29 »
There are plenty of equivalents out there. I use NGK B7ES.

Twins / Re: Non-branded supermarket petrols
« on: 25 February, 2017, 17:52:33 »
A65s have alloy heads with valve seat inserts which are hard enough to cope with unleaded petrol, so no worries there. There were lots of scare stories about valve seat recession in cast iron heads but actual cases are relatively uncommon. I've had no problems with my iron-headed B31, A7 and Land Rovers.

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