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To be honest the engine looks the best bit of the bike and obviously has had work done to it. I think encouragement should be given to resurrect another bike that otherwise will probably sit in a corner.

Just my 2 cents.  ;)


I will probably go along with the ahem! Honda but will hopefully catch up on the stand.

« on: 20 February, 2017, 16:20:14 »
it will be something simple, what is voltage across battery? less than 12 volts and Boyer wont like it.

« on: 19 February, 2017, 19:58:14 »
My advice would be have someone else take a look at it, it gets to a point where you have to admit defeat before you get really p------d off. It might be something straightforward but you never know.

Where about's in country are you?

Twins / A10 footrest
« on: 18 February, 2017, 17:27:07 »

Bought a set off ebay and was looking at them today, noticed unusual material!

realised it was metal filler picked it off to reveal chain rash!

I know the parts are old but why conceal it? Well i know why but thats a different story, easily welded i guess.

Derek  >:(

Twins / Re: A65 primary chain
« on: 16 February, 2017, 19:17:52 »
Have fun with that! the woodruff key on the output shaft can be a pain to line up.  ;)

Twins / Re: Bsa valve seat depth
« on: 16 February, 2017, 19:14:58 »
Thanks for quick reply both.

The guy doing the job is very competent and i have no doubts from that perspective. I think the reason is he doesn't do a lot of motorcycle stuff its all heavy duty diesel engined jobs, he just wanted to make sure i think. The valve seat as is had receded quite a bit so valve was very low in head.

I will let you know how it goes but i don't think there will be a problem.



Twins / Bsa valve seat depth
« on: 16 February, 2017, 17:13:14 »
This may not have a simple answer but i will ask, i am having new valve seats cut on A7 cylinder head (for A10) and the guy doing the work asked if i knew what depth the valves go to in the head, is there a BSA value for this? or is the the other way of looking at it is how far does the stem stick out of guide at rocker end.  I guess this info would be on the engineering drawings but i appear to have mislaid mine.

The valve seats have worn and he is fitting new inserts and recutting them.


derek  :-\

Twins / Re: Bsa A10 ariel hubs
« on: 09 February, 2017, 19:04:40 »
Shame i missed out on that rim! I think there is a small autojumble at the Scottish Bike Show at Ingliston but dont think its got many stalls, a better bet might be the Ayr Classic show in June i think, we all got flyers handed out about that one. Its good to get rid of stuff you dont need and its quite a good laugh if you dont take it too seriously.

I have rebuilt wheels before and if i can get the rims and spokes i will have a go again, need to get the offsets from a kind member though!  ;)



Twins / Re: Bsa A10 ariel hubs
« on: 06 February, 2017, 17:18:45 »
Just twigged your name on here!  I posted your fork sliders (I'm mallardandcarpet on Ebay) on Saturday - and the minute I walked out of the Post Office - I thought 'I should have messaged you - to ask if you were going to the Haggis Gathering'.  I picked up a couple of goodies there too - but not much!
Hope you get on okay with your Ariel Hub, some say they are not the most efficient brakes - but in good condition and well adujsted, they should do a decent job (nice wide shoe and drum).  I have one on the back and it feels and works fine.
I have one for sale just now as I went with the 8" FW front.  Watch what spoke pattern you get for that hub - I made the mistake of not realising the WM2 wheels came with a bunch of different patterns (1x1, 2x2, 3x1? etc).  Ironically I just sold a brand new central wheels rim for half the price it cost me (ended up with quite a few spares by making this kind of mistake a few times)!  By the way - don't think those sliders you bought will go with the Ariel hub/7" brake!
Anyhoo Let us know how you get on.  Look forward to bumping into you at some random event north of the border.  Why don't you stick something up telling us about your project - it's good to hear what others are doing and have planned.

Hi Raymond, I had a stall yesterday in the main hall, with the heating on! You probably walked past, i was against the wall with a friends dog rough TS250 Suzuki for sale. It gets you in earlier and means you can have a root about for bargains. I saw a lovely Moto Guzzi 4LS front wheel for sale i thought it was cheap at 180 but i didn't buy it.

I am in 2 minds what to do with the A10 i have the roadholders and managed to get an alloy top yoke to suit them (i spoke about this in another post) or use your bottoms (excuse the term!) and keep it std as i have a reasonable front wheel. I have an A65 bitsa cafe racer thing that has Triumph/Bsa front end with TLS that could also be an option.

The Ariel hubs are lighter than the BSA full width hubs, better looking and have a superior adjustment method

Thanks Andy, i have always liked them and the prices have always been reasonable, i will have to get them built up and from what Raymond says i might put them in to somebody else to get done.

Twins / Bsa A10 ariel hubs
« on: 05 February, 2017, 20:03:07 »
I managed to pickup front and rear Ariel hubs for A10 today at SCRMC autojumble, what are members opinion on these as opposed to the Bsa fw hubs, I will have to get them built up into wheels before i can use. I always thought the Ariel hubs looked quite good. thanks derek

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