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Singles / Re: Advice wanted on choice of BSA model.
« on: 08 September, 2017, 17:37:19 »
I'm a bit of a lightweight but did sadly sell my B44VS a couple of years ago as I could tell that kicking it was doing my knee no good at all. Mine was fitted with electronic and would sometimes start first kick. Other times it could be a real pig. I had it for 7 years and never did fathom out a guaranteed starting procedure. Good luck if you get one.

Singles / BSA C15S Scrambler 1959 which Oil tank ?
« on: 08 September, 2017, 13:49:13 »
Help please, I have a 1959 C15S which thanks to the BSAOC has been identified as being sold via Parks at Lewisham in 1959. it isnt complete and is missing the the elusive centre panel, side cover, airbox set up as well as other parts. It has an oil tank but I'm not sure if its the correct one. The tank looks like the standard one without a top vent pipe. I know the later C15s had a different lank with a mounting plate but I cant find info on the early 59 bikes. If anyone can help me identify which parts I need it would be a massive help. The tank that came with the bike is light blue and I've found traces of the same colour on the fork top covers (plain no headlight mount version) so it could possibly be correct?

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