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Vintage Bikes with British Accent (Hall 8)
2017 again, we are happy to welcome the „Allgemeiner Motorradsport-Club Leonberg e.V.“ at the RETRO CLASSICS with a new theme on the subject of motorbikes.
After the successful special show of Laverda on the 16th RETRO CLASSICS, when Mr. Laverda himself was present, the AMSC-Leonberg this time presents everything around english motorbikes.
From classic motorbikes to historic biking apparel and unique especially constructed replicas, you will find everything. Special attention lies on a self-built dragster-bike and a unique replica from the brand Norton.
You are welcome to find out, which other jewels from the land oft he queen are presented by the AMSC-Leonberg.
You will find the following bikes:

BSA Light Sport, 500ccm, 25PS Bj, 1930
Matchless Typ G50, 500ccm, 55PS, Bj. 1962
Seeley AJS Typ 7 R, 350ccm, 40PS, Bj. 1967
Velocette MOV, 250ccm, 12PS, Bj. 1936
Triumph Thunderbird, 650ccm, 42PS, Bj. 1950
Triumph Bonneville T140E, 750ccm, 58PS, Bj. 1985
Norton Domiracer, 500ccm, 40PS, Bj. 1962
Norton F-Type, 350ccm, 45PS, Bj. 1954
Norton Manx, 500ccm, 55PS, Bj. 1958
Norton Manx, 350ccm, 42PS, Bj. 1959
Norton Manx, 500ccm, 60PS, Bj. 1962
Norton Inter Racing, 350ccm, 28PS Bj. 1938
Norton Manx, 500ccm, 38PS, Bj. 1951

Triumph Trophy Trail, 490ccm, Bj. 1973
Triumph Trail Blazer, 250ccm, Bj. 1971


Triumph Bonneville T120 R Bobber, 650ccm, 48PS, Bj. 1970
Triumph Bonneville T120 RV, 650ccm, 48PS, Bj. 1972
Triumph Daytona T300D, 885ccm, 98PS, Bj. 1996
Triumph Thunderbird 6T, 650ccm, 42PS, Bj. 1950
Triumph Triton, 500ccm, 30PS, Bj. 1964
Triumph T120 R, 650ccm, 50PS, Bj. 1971
Triumph Tiger T100, 500ccm, 40PS, Bj. 1968
Triumph Tiger 100, 500ccm, 34PS, Bj. 1952
Triumph T140, 750ccm, 36PS, Bj. 1955
Triumph T 100 S, 500ccm, 36PS, Bj. 1955
Triumph T21, 350ccm, 18,5PS, Bj. 1958
Triumph Bonneville T 120, 650ccm, 49PS, Bj. 1969
Triumph Bonneville T 140, 750ccm, 50PS, Bj. 1978
Triumph Triton, 750ccm, 61PS, Bj. 1960
Triumph TR 6 C, 650ccm, 42PS, Bj. 1970
Triumoh T 140 750ccm, 60PS, Bj,. 1973
Triumph Speed twin, 500ccm, 28PS, Bj. 1948
Triumph Tiger T 100 C, 500ccm, 40PS, Bj. 1953
Triumph Bonneville T 120, 650ccm, 48PS, Bj. 1967
Triumph Bonneville, 750ccm, 48PS, Bj. 1970
Triumph Bonneville T 140 E, 750ccm, 58PS, Bj. 1981
Panther M60, Bj. 1929
Panther M120, Bj. 1960
Norton ES2, 500ccm, 22PS, Bj. 1959
Norton Commando 850, 850ccm, 51PS, Bj. 1973
Norton Commando Scrambler, 650ccm, 51PS
Norton Modell 88, 500ccm, 30PS, Bj.1957
Norton 650 SS, 650ccm, 49PS, Bj. 1966
Norton Commando, 825ccm, 70PS, Bj. 1978
AJS G 3 LS Sport, 500ccm, 18PS, Bj. 1959
BSA A65 Scrambler, 650ccm, 52PS
BSA B33, 500ccm, 23PS, Bj. 1950
BSA B31, 350ccm, 17PS, Bj. 1946
BSA Goldstar, 500ccm, Bj. 1960
Royal Enfield Interceptor, 750ccm, 50PS, Bj. 1965
Royal Enfield 500 Ballet, 500ccm, 23PS, Bj. 2008
Rudge Special, 500ccm, Bj. 1935
Velocette MSS, 500ccm, Bj. 1946
Velocette Thruxton, 500ccm
Vincent Rapide B, 1000ccm, 45PS, Bj. 1949

and a
Triumpf Hagon Dragster, 750ccm, 90PS, Bj. 1970

AMSC Leonberg,

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