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The Star and Garter / Re: Famous people on BSA
« on: 25 February, 2018, 11:33:57 »
Billy Joel rides and deals in BSA's

Singles / Re: B25 Difficult Starting
« on: 03 February, 2018, 14:34:37 »
In addition to my last reply
I have discovered a way of starting my B44  from cold, First kick every time.
I have fitted a wire handle to the throttle stop. this Will be to the rear for normal tick-over when the engine is hot.
For cold start -  I move the stop lever forwards, which opens the throttle a little.
I turn on the fuel tap. press the tickler until fuel drips out. Then turn the engine to compression, ease it past with the release lever.
One good swing will start the engine. The tickover will by too fast, so I would just ride away and readjust the throttle stop for a slow tickover later.

With my c15, with the throttle stop  on fast  tickover , the one kick and its running. (Fuel tap still off, ignition direct from the engine flywheel.

Singles / Re: Choke
« on: 30 January, 2018, 10:31:56 »
You can check your compression fit by slowly pushing  the kickstart lever.
fI it is hard to turn past compression, its OK.
If it turns over without much effort, then you may need a rebore.

Singles / Re: B44 riders
« on: 23 January, 2018, 10:09:47 »
Why would it not produce its full power when everything appears to be in good order?

I find that car speedso read about 2/3 mph over. It would be illegal for a speedo to read under,
 so the manufacturers have be on the safe side, also allowing for variations and the effect of wea,r and changes of tyres.Mick

The Star and Garter / Feartherbed frame.
« on: 05 January, 2018, 10:24:35 »

Just  casual thought-
When (in the day) I changed my B33 frame (with superocket engine) for the featherbed, I noticed a great difference .
The beeser was fine, but the norton felt as though it was 'on rails'.
Has anyone else experianced  this? Are modern bikes better?

Singles / Re: The big boot
« on: 01 January, 2018, 08:52:13 »
I go the easy way with modern 20-50 grade for all.

Singles / Re: B44 rectifier
« on: 01 January, 2018, 08:50:51 »
thank you. Yes, I have worked that out and ordered one at 12.

Singles / B44 rectifier
« on: 31 December, 2017, 13:11:48 »
My bike died on the road, took me 1  1/2 hours to push it home.
No spark. Battery flat. Not charging.
Alternator giving 18 volts AC.
Rectifier giving 4 volts DC.
Do I need to replace the Finned rectifier?

I could not find a Zener diode on the bike, this must be in the rectifier??

Singles / Re: Oval throttle valve C15
« on: 27 December, 2017, 07:43:18 »
I rebuilt a Bantam and a C15.
Both would run perfectly one day, then refused to start for the next week.
For each one I 'bit the bullet' and bought new carbs - instant success!

Singles / Re: Oval throttle valve C15
« on: 25 December, 2017, 10:39:38 »
Give it a try first. It may be acceptable with the worn carb, after all, that was what it last ran with.

Singles / Re: B44, Bigend, Piston. Bad vibration.
« on: 23 December, 2017, 17:14:32 »
That Norton must have been a bad'en! Perhaps mistreated.

I think Ill stick with the B44 for now. The vibration can be tolerated, and it does respond heartily as i open the throttle.

Singles / Re: B44 riders
« on: 23 December, 2017, 17:04:17 »
PS, my model flies with a 60 cc, V twin fourstroke engine. Thats why I would favour that style in a bike.

Singles / Re: B44 riders
« on: 23 December, 2017, 17:02:18 »
I am not a mad speed freak. My pleasure is to make rapid progress, but safely. My no claims bonus would be 40 years plus.
A bike with power to spare is more pleasurable for normal riding, without ever using full speed..

When flying my present scale model, the skill is in making the model fly SLOWER than it wants to be, to imitate the speed of the fullsize aircraft.
So a quarter scale model of a 100 mph Sopwith biplane, would need to fly at at 25 mph. It takes little power to fly at this speed, but if the wind speed is 20 mph,
then the model should to do 45 mph into wind, and 5 mph downwind! Impossible, but we do our best.
The model has to be overpowered to achieve high scoring flight, including aerobatics.

Singles / Re: B44, Bigend, Piston. Bad vibration.
« on: 23 December, 2017, 08:49:27 »
My B44 has twin leading shoes brake. works well.
My C15 has the normal brake, smaller size. Works even better! I dare not put full pressure on it , for fear of locking the wheel.
I have made a twin leading shoe conversion for the c15, which I intended to summit for the club magazine, but I never got around to trying it.

Singles / Re: B44/C15 tool box under seat.
« on: 23 December, 2017, 08:41:05 »
I only took it to 70 on the clock, 60 true speed.
The bump was at about 40 mph.

I must admit that when I go on a trip, my son Jim is on has Fanny B, about 50, flat out.

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