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The Star and Garter / Re: Trying to find Dad's old bike WBL83H
« on: 17 December, 2017, 18:15:04 »
Hi Rebecca. Join a few other English Bike forums, most are free. A monthly rag called Old Bike Mart places adverts like this, published by Mortons. Good Luck.

Twins / Re: A65 OIF conversion to disc front brake.
« on: 15 December, 2017, 15:12:37 »
Sounds straight forward but expensive albeit you could sell your old sort after front end. If a front end off a Yamaha fits my mates 500 Triumph I can't see why not. A T140 may be a good donor. I always thought that later twin Triumphs appeared to look lanky at the front, perhaps the forks are a bit longer or it's my perception. Let us know how you get on and good luck.  8) 

Singles / Re: C15 ammeter
« on: 14 December, 2017, 17:42:51 »
You could get a large rubber o-ring or two and push it tightly up behind the cowl. Most car spares shops have a box of these under the counter, worked for me years ago. 20 pence tops.

The Star and Garter / Re: DVLA Woes
« on: 14 December, 2017, 16:51:05 »
Most sorting offices have a DVLA pouch according to a postie I know which is apparently secure.

Twins / Re: Another A65 project!
« on: 14 December, 2017, 16:46:25 »
Hi I have looked on a few Engine number sites for BSA, cannot find that letter.

Singles / Re: C15 chainguard
« on: 11 December, 2017, 17:41:25 »
Just keep watching ebay on a regular basis, one will turn up. Put an add on other wanted forums, they are nearly all free to join.

Singles / Re: Speedo illumination bulb
« on: 11 December, 2017, 17:38:51 »
I wouldn't ride an old bike in the dark, cause I am too old. LOL

Twins / Re: Another A65 project!
« on: 11 December, 2017, 17:35:43 »
Pleased to see another A65 rescued. My local bikers pub can have up to 60 bikes on a Saturday lunch time. It is always Triumphs and other makes, never an A65. Where are they all ? Enjoy your restoration. Plenty of questions please.

The Star and Garter / Re: New member to the BSA Forum
« on: 10 December, 2017, 15:05:24 »
Welcome. What a nice looking bike, lots of elbow grease been used in the past has paid off. Look at Dragonfly's website, gives you all part numbers even if they don't stock it. This forum likes lots of questions; even mine.

The Star and Garter / Re: A65 - first registration help...
« on: 09 December, 2017, 14:34:42 »
Personally, I would buy another frame with a V5 and start again. You should be able to sell the old one, someone will be able to use it.

Twins / Re: Lucas 169SA Handlebar Light Switches 1971-2
« on: 08 December, 2017, 17:35:35 »
Appreciated Chris. I have the whole loom on the dinner table, great fun ( apart from wife's comments ). Do love a restoration.  ;D

Twins / Lucas 169SA Handlebar Light Switches 1971-2
« on: 08 December, 2017, 15:53:47 »
Can anyone tell me which switch goes on the right. They both look very similar. They were not fitted to the bike when I bought it. One has five wires, the other six. Thanks.

Twins / Re: Oil coming from breather on my A10 1961
« on: 07 December, 2017, 16:18:47 »
Mike they can fail as we all know and engine goes bang, in line taps also forgotten to turn on BIG BANG.

Singles / Re: C15 chainguard
« on: 06 December, 2017, 17:22:07 »
Try Dragonfly BSA Part 40-7701 71. 

Twins / Re: Oil coming from breather on my A10 1961
« on: 04 December, 2017, 17:34:32 »
Can of worms this one, you will get many answers on this one and there have been many threads on this over the years.

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