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Twins / Re: Oil
« on: 22 July, 2017, 20:01:47 »
Thanks ttjohn

Twins / Oil
« on: 22 July, 2017, 19:33:34 »
Hi everyone at the moment I'm running my 1965 thunderbolt on straight 40 o!l would this be the best or is there an alternative.

Twins / Re: Rocker cover
« on: 20 June, 2017, 21:55:55 »
Thanks a lot bez

Twins / Rocker cover
« on: 20 June, 2017, 17:55:20 »
As anyone got tip's on getting a good seal on my rocker cover its been skimmed and I've got the nuts down tight but after I've given the bike a good ten mile I get oil from the top front of the engine its an 1965 thunderbolt

Twins / Wrong diagnosis
« on: 04 June, 2017, 22:18:51 »
My last new topic I was under the impression my transistor on my wassall electronic ignition was broke I was using two 12 volt coils linked . I was informed that these would not damage the box so when I finally checked everything I found the coils were at fault. These coils had only done 300 miles ! Can anyone state the reason why this would happen thank you

Twins / Ignition
« on: 31 May, 2017, 18:15:03 »
Can anyone the best electronic ignition for a a65 thunderbolt

Twins / Re: No spark
« on: 28 May, 2017, 14:40:09 »
Done all the checks and it seems like I've fried the transistor box RJ33 because I was running on two 12 volt coils which gave too much amps does anyone now where I can purchase a transistor box  thank you

Twins / No spark
« on: 27 May, 2017, 06:06:55 »
Bikes been starting and running good .then there was no spark at plugs I have a wassel electronic ignition how do you check power at coils thanks

Twins / Re: Smoking
« on: 08 May, 2017, 06:24:04 »
The engine as just been rebuilt

Twins / Smoking
« on: 07 May, 2017, 20:56:08 »
When the bike starts first thing getting a bit of smoke in the left exhaust for a few moments then OK the plug looks a bit sticky

Twins / Re: No clutch
« on: 03 May, 2017, 21:06:44 »
The basket hadn't come loose.I stripped it down and tightened them actuator up on the end of the cable to the lever.looking at the cable I think it got stretched thanks everyone for the advice.

Twins / Spark plugs
« on: 03 May, 2017, 16:50:56 »
Hello again just a quickly . I've run my thunderbolt on champion nc3 plugs for about 100 miles and the wright hand side seems to be breaking down what plug would be suitable. Thanks

Twins / Re: No clutch
« on: 30 April, 2017, 19:38:14 »
did you have to adjust the clutch when you were out ie take the slack up on the cable?
yes but ran out of adjustment

Twins / No clutch
« on: 30 April, 2017, 17:59:36 »
Hello everyone just been out trying to run the bike in done about 200 miles haven't changed the clutch plates on the bike . before setting off in the morning clutch felt like it was sticking on a bit did an 80 mile run worsened and the last 8 mile the cable was fully adjusted on the handlebars barely got home the bikes a 65 thunderbolt .

Twins / Re: Pre ignition
« on: 02 April, 2017, 21:23:35 »
Have checked the acid level on battery and found that its been filled to the top could this have caused the pre ignition

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